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Ryu Hyun-jin achieves 5 wins in season through bad weather in Cleveland-Gyeongnam Ilbo

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Ryu Hyun-jin (34, Toronto Blue Jays) overcame bad weather and achieved 5 wins in the season. On the 29th (Korean time), Ryu Hyun-jin started for the 10th season in the MLB visit game against the Cleveland Indians at the Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and scored 6 strikeouts in 5 innings and scored 2 runs with 4 hits. .

Ryu Hyun-jin, who threw 91 balls, passed the mound to Trent Thornton in the sixth inning, which was 11-2.

Cleveland’s late seventh inning attack ended the match when the rain began to intensify, and the match ended with Toronto’s 11-2 rainfall cold game win.

With this, Ryu Hyun-jin added victory in 10 days since the match against the Boston Red Sox on the 19th and gained 5 wins (2 losses).

Ryu Hyun-jin’s average ERA rose slightly from 2.53 to 2.62. Ryu Hyun-jin appeared in 5 games this month, running 4 wins and undefeated, playing an ace.

Ryu Hyun-jin first encountered a chilly weather unlike the end of May in the Progressive Field.

According to MLB.com’s Game Day, a strong wind of 11.18m per second blows from the outfield toward the home at the beginning of the game in the progressive field. Ryu Hyun-jin’s uniform top and bottom, standing on the mound, constantly fluttered in the wind.

Before the game, the temperature was only 10 degrees Celsius in cloudy weather. The temperature felt by the strong wind was one digit.

Cleveland coaches, including coach Terry Franco and Cleveland, wore jumpers for late fall or early winter. Even raindrops fell during the game.

In this unpredictable weather, Ryu Hyun-jin threw 32 balls in the first time and struggled with the game.

Ryu Hyun-jin was hit by a heavy hit by top hitter Cesar Hernandez.

After one death, Jose Ramirez hit left and allowed Arold Ramirez to walk, and he was driven to the bottom.

Ryu Hyun-jin gave 2 points to Eddie Rosario, who hit 4 home runs.

He struck out Owen Miller at 1st, 1st and 3rd, and took a sigh, but walked again to Josh Naylor.

Ryu Hyun-jin allowed two walks in one game for the first time this season. Canadian broadcasters commented that Ryu Hyun-jin cannot properly throw his long-term change-up in such a weather.

Ryu Hyun-jin finally ended the inning with first baseman foul fly by right-handed hitter Zhang Yu-chung from Taiwan.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who tied 2-2 with the support of other ships, pulled out two strikeouts, cooked three batters lightly, and went to stability.

After the 3rd inning, which turned the charter over to 6-2, the game was resolved as Ryu Hyun-jin thought.

Ryu Hyun-jin showed off his experience of returning 8 hitters in a row from 3 times 5th batter Eddie Rosario, such as stopping with a triple offense even in the 5th, where he met the Cleveland hitting line for the third time after continuing a zero-run streak with 25 balls in 3-4 times.

Toronto drew 1 point with a ground ball from Santiago Espinal at 1st and 3rd base with 2 hits in the first 2nd inning, followed by Danny Janson’s left-middle doubles to tie 2-2 at 2nd base.

It was a lucky double that came from Cleveland center fielder Arold Ramirez wrongly judging the fall spot in a strong wind.

Toronto supported Ryu Hyun-jin hotly by scoring four points in three consecutive long hits, including Randall Grichic’s left and middle doubles, Lourdes Guriel’s left and right doubles, and Joe Panic’s superior two-run home run in the third inning.

Cleveland starter Eli Morgan, who made his big league debut, couldn’t stand Toronto’s bat.

Toronto added three points with four consecutive hits, including two doubles in the five innings ahead of 6-2, and pushed Cleveland away with 11-2 by adding two points with Espinal’s doubles in the sixth inning.

Guriel Jr., Panic, and Espinal’s 6-8 hitters all teamed up with 9 RBIs of 3 RBIs each. Seven of Toronto’s 15 total hits were longer than doubles.

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