“Ryu, the touching mind” opens all the shells. He revealed that he built a temple until he was sick and almost didn’t survive!! Ready to order already???

The first time to answer clearly about love!!! Ryu, touch mind, ready to open with all the heart. Ready to reveal that the temple was built until it was sick and almost did not survive!! Ready to order already???

A young man who grew up with the magic of the mysterious powers within his deep soul that no one could see Transmitted with the medium of sound coming from the supernatural powers of human beings. Until causing his life cycle to change from a normal young Ryu to “Ryu Jitsamut”, the host of the program during the spirit release center in the program “Khon Uat Phi”, which is famous and known to Thais and foreigners of Nation until today , another good man whose life has worked for many before choosing to save people and spirits

When he became a special guest on the Club Friday Show, produced by CHANGE2018, Ryu Jitsamsung opened his life story and revealed his love in every corner of his heart. because sitting and talking here as the first place is encouraging Admit to being close to the spirit, but being a person afraid of ghosts!! No matter how many times I meet a ghost, I’m still not used to it, and I got scared and cursed hard! In the family story, “Ryu Jitsan” revealed that when she grew up, her father had never seen her face. and when he was young, his mother gave him to someone else And the first time Ryu revealed to answer the love story clearly. with questions that everyone wants to know There are many women in this life. Until there are rumors that women are pregnant? Along with revealing that he only thought about building a temple until he was sick and barely survived!? A month, he went to hospital 4 times and had blood transfusions. The body is starting to black and thin, can’t breathe, ready to order already????

Are you afraid of ghosts??
Ryu Spirit Touch : I’m afraid I’m overwhelmed. I went on a trip to Hong Kong. The trip went to pay homage to the Buddha image and I was lying down at 3am and saw a woman wearing hoofs!! Red was sitting in front of him looking at me and then I woke up to go to the bathroom to look into my eyes and how we were shocked!!!

Was Ryu born into a warm and close family?
Ryu Spirit Touch : Not at all since birth we have never seen my father. but he heard that the father And we have heard that parents are not good. Children grow up, it must be bad. The hardest. I find that out before. My mother used to leave me and even walk to someone’s house and give me to him.

Ryu, touch mind, what about love when you were a teenager!!
Ryu Spirit Touch : Much past has passed like a river. What are you going to do on a one night stand?

Did a man come in?
Ryu Spirit Touch : I know that this is the question that everyone wants to ask. Now the world is wide in the past, my love ????

Has anyone been through it in life?
Ryu Spirit Touch : Many girls were waiting for me, leaving work and leaving everything to rent a room on a different floor with me. The hardest thing is following me to work in the place I work with, as he came to work with P’An, and he went to apply to be An’s cousin. to know what we are doing one day

Just thinking about building a temple, stress until I was sick.
Ryu Spirit Touch : I am stressed not knowing I will have symptoms. One stroke I was suffocating and I drove to the hospital. A month ago I had 4 hospital visits and my body told myself it was fine, it could fight, my urine was bloody. Blood transfusion, my body becomes black and thin, I feel like I can’t breathe and think I can’t survive, and then we ordered everything.

Follow all the stories about Ryu Jitsum’s life and love on the Club Friday Show on Saturday, November 5, at 12.00 on Channel 31.

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