Ryukyu Golden Kings fans rejoice! “Championship Parade” celebrates No. 1 achievement in Japan – QAB News Headline

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The victory parade of the Ryukyu Golden Kings, who fulfilled their long-time desire to become number one in the professional basketball League B, was held in their hometown of Okinawa City, and their joy was shared in front of many boosters.

Reporter Kaneshiro Yumeno: “Fans rushed to the venue one after another to see the heroes who impressed Okinawa even before the event started, waiting for their appearance.”

A triumphant homecoming parade was held for the Kings players and manager, who won their first B-League title, and the crowds of fans who welcomed them were full of joy.

From the shopping arcade to Koza Gate Street, we smiled and waved, sometimes exchanged high fives, and shared the joy of fulfilling our long-held desires.

Fan: “I liked seeing Imamura (in the victory parade). I want (King’s players) to be healthy and cool at all times.” “I was very excited. I think it was a proud team that came together as a team and showed the power of unity.” “(Watching the players live) was crazy. I am grateful to have received it. I want you to do your best to aim for consecutive victories.

Ryukyu Golden Kings player, Ryuichi Kishimoto: “Even when we didn’t get results, we got support from a lot of people, and I think that’s why we won the championship. It’s really great. Thank you very much.”

In the debriefing session of the victory, head coach Oketani and other players expressed their gratitude for the support that was the driving force for Japan’s No. 1 team, enjoying the joy of winning together with the fans.


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