Ryzen 8000 series based on AMD ZEN5, released in the second half of 2023?

▲ Data = Among the publication materials for the platform for Gigabyte Ryzen servers

AMD, which recently announced the R9 7950X3D and R9 7900X3D models that greatly improved gaming performance through 3D V-Cache, has been confirmed to be preparing to release the Ryzen 8000 series based on the ZEN5 architecture.

The news was confirmed through an official press release from GIGABYTE, a motherboard manufacturer, and AMD took an official position that it is preparing the ZEN5 architecture and it will be released in the second half of this year.

The AMD ZEN5 architecture information known so far is expected to apply a 4nm or 3nm process, and as an architectural improvement, structural improvements including front-end and built-in AI computing units are anticipated.

In terms of actual performance improvement, single-threaded performance is expected to increase by 22% to 30% compared to the ZEN4 architecture.