S-Rise Co, Ltd x 1300K, discount sale ‘Recommended Item Logitech Home Decor’

The official distributor of Logitech S-Rise (CEO: Sa Seung-mok) announced that it will hold a special price event for Logitech products through the ‘September Home Decoration Promotion’ 1300K from September 26th to October 2nd. This promotion, which is being held through the 1300K design sensitivity mall, will also include various events such as the presentation of Shinsegae gift certificates depending on the product at an incredible discount rate of up to 35%.

■ An IT device that conveys functionality, design and sensitivity

The living market is growing significantly as the time spent at home increases due to the corona virus. In particular, the ‘home decoration’ craze, which started with home appliances and furniture, which focused on performance and function, is expanding into ‘in home appliances (home appliances + interior)’ which conveys functionality, design and sensitivity. Recently, ‘digital devices’ are attracting attention from consumers, with products that easily change the atmosphere of the whole house and further contribute to the aesthetic value of decorating the house.

The Logitech Blue Microphone 1300K, a product participating in the ‘September Home Decor Promotion’, is a product that fits this trend.

■ USB Microphone Bible – Logitech BLUE YETI Microphone

Logitech’s Blue Yeti is famous for its high performance-to-performance ratio and excellent design, used not only by general users, but also musicians, audio experts, YouTubers, Afreeca, Twitch, and live streamers. In a word, it can be said that it is a product that has ‘cost performance’ and ‘D ratio’.

Based on a high-performance condenser capsule, it controls different types of directivity and sound absorption patterns to realize a rich sense of space and three-dimensional sound. Fast, lag-free monitoring during recording is possible using the 3.5-pi headphone jack, and can be connected to the YETICASTER, another product participating in an event, via a standard hole mount official, and the microphone can be placed at any desired angle, so it is possible to create a usable space. .

In order to use the microphone function 100%, the dedicated software ‘Logitech G-HUB’ must be installed, and detailed values ​​can be checked via the app or more detailed adjustments such as soft firmware are possible.

Logitech BLUE YETI blue microphone can be used only with a simple USB connection by plug and play method High quality content can be produced.

The newly launched Yeti Aurora Collection brings a rather boring space to life.

With two refreshing colors, Pink Down and White Mist, it not only provides excellent sound quality, but also completes a sophisticated desk setting and an emotional space design with an emotional design.

■ Streaming webcam, Logitech Stream CAM (STREAM CAM)

The Logitech stream cam, which has a modern and sensual design, will also participate in this event.

Logitech’s STREAM CAM is compatible with various video conferencing applications, as well as a premium dual front-mounted microphone, enabling voice recording without a separate microphone. Logitech Capture and built-in AI support smart face recognition autofocus and exposure adjustment functions that respond to changes in the surrounding environment and focus accurately.

In addition, various webcam control functions are supported, such as full HD vertical video shooting with a 9:16 ratio suitable for uploading to SNS such as Instagram, electronic image stabilization, connecting multiple cameras, real-time text overlay, and effects transfer scene. Logitech Stream CAM can be chosen from two colors, black and white, and supports stability and fast video transfer speed at the same time by connecting it with a USB-C type 3.1 cable.

In addition, you can meet different Logitech product lines such as a condenser microphone, an essential item for YouTubers, ▲ Tiger Edition (black) ▲ Apparel Yeti Special Edition (black, blue, silver).

An essential item for interior design with high utility in creating a space with a unique emotional design philosophy!! Logitech Blue Microphone can be checked through S-Rise Co, Ltd’s ‘September Home Decorating Promotion’ 1300K promotion page.

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