S-Rise Co., Ltd. x SSG.com, ‘TOP Brand Commemorative Choice’ iPad Keyboard Case Combo Touch Promotion Discount

S-Rise Co., Ltd. (CEO: Sa Seung-mok), Logitech’s official distributor, announced that it will hold an event for the ‘Logitech Combo Touch’ iPad keyboard case through the ‘SSG.com TOP 30 Brand Choice Commemorative Promotion’ .

This ‘TOP 30 Brand Choice Commemorative Promotion’ will be held from September 19th to 25th, and an additional 5% download coupon will be applied to the special discount price.

■ Double the usability of your iPad

Easy to use The iPad is the first device that comes to mind as a device that can enjoy work or entertainment at the same time due to its easy to use nature. Sometimes it is specialized for work and shows performance similar to that of a PC, and sometimes it shows versatility as an IT device optimized for cloud services and OTT services.

Accordingly, Logitech prepared a combo touch that can further improve the usability of the current iPad through this event. Introducing Logitech’s COMBO TOUCH, an iPad case with a detachable keyboard while protecting the product.

■ The magic of turning an iPad into a laptop with COMBO Touch!!

Logitech’s COMBO TOUCH is an official third-party Apple product and is a keyboard case with a trackpad that allows you to use your iPad as a laptop. It distinguishes itself with its high-quality finish and versatile performance, and improves iPad content productivity through trackpad and keyboard.

■ Simple and easy to use iPad keyboard case

With a smart connector, anyone can use it easily without cumbersome charging and Bluetooth pairing. With a stable sense of unity, it securely protects the iPad from scratches and impacts. The premium “Click Anywhere” trick pad that allows precise clicks and control anywhere in the center and edges has been applied to improve usability, and multi-touch trackpad gestures (swipe / tap / pinch / scrolling) supports iPad to MacBook (Apple) It helps you to use it as a Mac Book).

You can enjoy the various functions of the iPad efficiently by using a kickstand that can be adjusted to any angle within a range of 40 degrees and a detachable keyboard. The backlit keys, which can automatically adjust brightness in 16 steps according to ambient light, help to type comfortably at any time of the day or night, and iPad OS shortcuts are placed on top of the keyboard for easy access to key brightness, volume, media controls, etc., so you can work faster. . It shows high build quality through MIL-STD-810G certified mil specifications and provides excellent compatibility with iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Pro 11-inch, and iPad Air – 4th and 5th generation products.

Logitech’s COMBO TOUCH, released in two colors, Sand and Grey, can be seen in detail on the Logitech SSG.com details page.

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