S. Sreesanth | Sreesanth’s desire to end his career against Gujarat

Kochi: S Sreesanth is bidding farewell to active cricket. He wanted to end his career by playing in the Rajni Trophy against Gujarat. However, the team management itself withdrew from the Gujarat-Kerala match due to injury.

The day before the start of the match against Gujarat, he had made it clear at the team meeting that this would be his last match and that he was retiring. He wanted to play a game and retire. Sreesanth became emotional when he openly expressed his desire to not be able to do it.

When he returned, he was injured. So for the last three months the idea of ​​retiring has been under active consideration. Nine years later he got a chance to play again. Given that opportunity, he has not been able to play for the past two years despite the ban being lifted. The last two years have been a huge loss for him. All of this is seen as the misfortune of life.

Later in the IPL. Came. At first the name did not even come up. There was no so-called situation when the name came up next year. He has only done what a player does when it comes to constant neglect. There are a lot of people who supported him during the crisis. There are those who pretend to love and get together. Sreesanth thanked those who supported him and did not complain to those who hurt him.

Sreesanth did not forget to remember his unforgettable experiences in cricket. Taking the last catch in the Twenty20 World Cup and making the victory memorable is still a great joy. It took a lot of competition to get there. Sreesanth said that his favorite performance was in the Challenger Trophy.

He will still be active in cricket-related fields when he retires from the field. The decision was taken to set up cricket academies as part of it. The first academy will open in Kollur Mookambika after Onam. Even today he can bowl at a speed of 132 kmph. But for new players to come in, there has to be an opportunity.

He realizes that this is an opportunity for him to give way. Since joining the Indian team, he has played at least 25 fast bowlers for Kerala. I believe I was able to inspire them all to some extent. I like to see it with great recognition and achievement.

He has no special interest or opposition to any political party. The call came from the Prime Minister’s Office to contest the 2016 elections. The suggestion was to contest in Tripunithura or Thiruvananthapuram. So, in consultation with the family, they finally decided to compete. When he competed, he worked hard to win. His method is to compete sincerely in any job. He was not active in politics after losing the election. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Sreesanth is in the process of releasing his autobiography on the occasion of Onam. He will openly write about his experiences in the book. The relationship with cricket will continue. Sreesanth also said that he will be active in the field of modeling.

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