Sa Kaeo is sick with 101 new covids, 1 dead


23 July 2021 – 20:22

Sa Kaeo: 101 new coronavirus cases, one death, 24 more Cambodian proactive tests found

Dr. Prapas Phuekduang, a public health doctor in Sa Kaeo province, said that today (July 23, 64) there are 101 new confirmed cases, 55 of them in the province, 46 of them outside the province, two from abroad, a total of 103. from the hospital surveillance system Proactive monitoring in the community and surveillance measures for high-risk exposed groups in LQ, Thai people requesting to cross the border and Sa Kaeo people who return home for treatment There are 101 cases in the province, 31 in Aranyaprathet district, 14 in Mueang Sa Kaeo district, 6 in Watthana Nakhon district, 3 in Khao Chakan district and 1 in Khlong Hat district.

Today, there is a report of 1 death (15th case of Sa Kaeo province), male, 73 years old, contract occupation while sick. Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok, Domicile, Khok Sung District Congenital disease Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causing the April outbreak (From April 4 to July 22, 2021), Sa Kaeo province has accumulated 2,480 confirmed cases, 1,575 of them infected in the province and 1,575 from other provinces, 4 from prisons, and 905 from abroad. 812 are currently being treated. 1,847 people have been cured and 15 deaths have been accumulated.

For today’s patient data, the highest in Aranyaprathet district, 31 cases, still found more infected from the Rong Kluea market cluster. After the launch of the proactive testing unit at Siam Khmer Transport Co., Ltd., 254 employees and Cambodian residents came to check. 24 of them were found to be Cambodian, including 13 Daraporn warehouses, 10 Siam Khmer and Talad Sa. 1 Yant, including 73 cases in this cluster and 17 Siam-Khmer clusters.

In addition, Cambodians were found at Det Thai Market. Preparing to give birth, the doctor has to test for covid before the procedure. Husband participated in the test with the results of both infections. and also found employees of the fresh food department, Betagro, Big C Department Store, Rong Kluea Market Branch He had symptoms, so he went to get tested for ARI CLINIC. The results were found. In another case, a Cambodian wife was found infected at the house from her husband with stage 5 kidney disease, which was a confirmed case yesterday.

Today, public health personnel found at Aranyaprathet Hospital. Three more cases were infected, the first being an outpatient nurse. Working in a respiratory disease clinic (ARI CLINIC) infected while working. as well as may be infected by a fellow nurse who is a previously confirmed patient The other was a helper for a 59-year-old male patient working in the ward. therefore may be infected while on duty The last one is a 45-year-old male service worker joining the proactive inspection unit in Aranyaprathet. It is responsible for preparing items and collecting infectious waste. Expected to be exposed to the virus while working in Klong Hat District, found a 52-year-old woman, a cook at Khlong Hat Hospital Cook food for staff and patients in the hospital and deliver food to the patient building. Expected to be infected from the risk area of ​​Khlong Hat Ma District which the hospital All personnel and patients have been screened.

Mueang Sakaeo District many events In the first case, it was found that the Sa Kaeo Provincial Governance Committee and 6 drivers went to check at the Sa Kaeo Irrigation Project and Ban Khok Krad Water Delivery Canal, Ta Phraya District, by taking the same van. At the end of the work, one of the directors was sick. Therefore, the Antigen Test Kit (ATK) antigen test was used to test the results of COVID-19. So notify other people to check. The results were found for all germs. while Big C Sa Kaeo branch after yesterday found 1 personnel in the personnel department infected, today found a 38-year-old male employee’s boyfriend and a 42-year-old male manager infected from contact with 2 more confirmed cases, and the cashier at Watanaphan Talattrakul shop Suk, a 21-year-old female, was infected from a risky area in the Sa Kaeo market. It was thought that it might come from customers who came to shop at the shop. From further investigation of the disease, it was revealed that the cashier had a history of taking the child to the Ear, Throat, Nose and Throat Clinic, Somdej Phra Yuparat Sa Kaeo Hospital. This is an area at risk from disease in the past as well.

There is also a case of infection from the mother who came back from the risk area in Nonthaburi Province and became ill before spreading the infection to her 3 children, including her brother-in-law. Another case is an employee (admin) of a coffee shop, Sa Kaeo Intersection Branch. suffering from osteoporosis He had a history of visiting various clinics in the city. Later, the doctor made an appointment for an MRI, so he went to detect the infection before the procedure.

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