Sabarimala Resolution: 213 Purification Services For Service: Nattu Visesham

Sabarimala Concluding Remarks: 213 For the service of the Holy Communion

Friday October 22, 2021 10:25 PM IS

Source: Sabarimala Constituency In the areas of Nini Dhanam, Panpa, Nilaykal, Pantalam and Kulanada. 213 people will reach out to the service through the Rimala Sanitation Society. District Collector Dr. at Collectorate. Divya A.S. Sabarimala Sanitation Society Owned by Iyers The decision is in line meeting. Sannidhanam has 100 sanctum sanctorums and 50 people in Pampa and Nilakkal. Only 13 people are employed in the pool and in the pool. The Tamil Nadu Ayyappa Seva Sangham Unit delivers the Sanitation Services.

Uniform, Mask, Sanitizer, Handkerchief, Cloth, New Soap, soap, light oil, food and accommodation will be provided. Part of Plastic Manufacturing and Covid Prevention Measures On social media in different languages ​​for awareness of mai The district collector said that the campaign would be ensured. Divya A.S. Iyer said.
The meeting was attended by Atur RDO and Sidharan Pillai, Distance Management Officer. Part Deputation Collector T.G. Meeting with Gopakumar, Ayyappa Seva Sangham Representative and Employees Participated in.



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