Sacrifice a rooster for prosperity; A tragic end came to a 70-year-old man who went to kill him; The chicken escaped Accident | Old | Death

A 70-year-old man who went to sacrifice a rooster to get wealth before moving into a newly built building fell to his death. The rooster escaped this time. This news comes from Chennai. Rajendran died aged 70. He died after falling from a three-storey building.

The owner of the building, Lokesh, decided to sacrifice the chicken for prosperity. According to him, if you sacrifice a chicken before entering the house, you will get prosperity. This was entrusted to Rajendran. Rajendran, who arrived at the building with a crowbar last night, slipped and fell from the top of the building. At this time the chicken in the hand flew away. He was seriously injured and rushed to hospital but his life could not be saved.

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