sad egyptian fans Liverpool lost to Real Madrid

the defeat ofLiverpoolThis is another pain forMohammed Salah It has previously shed two tears after Egypt lost to Senegal in both the Africa Cup final. and the World Cup play-off match In both games, Egyptian fans suffered similar injuries to Salah. Last night they suffered the same fate again.

“This year is not Salah’s year,” said Youssef Mohamed, a 21-year-old accounting student wearing a Liverpool shirt. Sit and cheer on the big screen in the Cairo park. told AFP news agency.

“We have more chances. hold the ball better But unfortunately, in the end, Real Madrid stole the victory from us,” said 37-year-old fan Caled Yousef.

Yousef is an official leading member of Liverpool FC Egyptian Fan Club. It has 215,000 followers on Facebook. Cheering for the Reds and being an Egyptian also made him “the worst football fan in the world”.

In Egypt, where public gatherings are now forbidden Watching football is a way to turn away from the daily struggles. especially during high inflation. On Saturday (May 28) football fans poured into cafes all over Cairo. wearing a red scarf and the Liverpool flag Sing the team song “you’ll never walk alone” in hopes that Liverpool can beat the Spanish team. I think Liverpool must win the title for sure. as it was in the past year. 2019, but in the end, the cheerleaders in Cairo had to go crazy. When the referee blew the whistle at the end of time, Real Madrid won 1-0.

“This is the latest disaster in the original scene,” said Amir Said, a 35-year-old engineer, who is also an official member of Liverpool’s Egyptian Love Club.

Salah, however, remains a hero of millions of Egyptians. Found him on giant billboards all over the city. There are TV commercials for everything from government anti-drug campaigns to beverages and luxury homes. and despite Egypt being disappointed by Salah’s defeat But this Monday (30 May) will have the African Champions League match. final Between two Cairo giants Al Ahly vs Wydad Casablanca

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