Sad news for VIPs TOP has confirmed that he has pulled out of BIGBANG.

on May 29, 2023 TOP (TOP) He posted a short video with photos on Instagram and excited fans where he mixed a song at home and posted a short message in the photo. “I’m still working on an album.”

And many fans are excited to hear that TOP is preparing to return to music after leaving YG Entertainment. But it is not clear if he has left BIGBANG yet, so one fan decided to ask.
“TOP, have you left BIGBANG?”

and in the highest comment he answered “I’ve withdrawn… I told you I was leaving and now I’ve been focusing on a new role in my life since last year.”

The netizens on this issue said that

“I think he left a long time ago.”

“I think he just left YG.”

“I’m very disappointed that he said that to the fans who have loved him since BIGBANG.”

“Daesung is still with BIGBANG even though they moved agencies”

“I think he will be with BIGBANG even after leaving the agency.”

“BIGBANG, are there three left?”


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