SAD NEWS FROM TEŠNJ: Prominent businessman Adem Šišić, owner of the company Belif, has passed away

On Tuesday, 28.03.2023. a prominent businessman from Tešnj passed away Adem Sisicfounder and owner of the company Belif doo Tešanj.

Adem Šišić was born in 1949. He graduated from trade school in Doboj and was a very successful trader. Within the UPI system, he was prepared to go to Libya as an instructor to the traders there. He always liked challenges in business, so in 1983, when the legal conditions allowed, he opened the first private trade store in Tešanj.

With the construction of the shopping center on Gornja čaršija, Adem Šišić bought office space and then developed more stores.

At the beginning of the war, his stores stopped working, and most of the food products went free of charge to the kitchens for refugees from Doboj, in the care of which Adem Šišić was one of the most important participants.

After the war, Šišić started the company Belif with his relatives, which began with the production of antifreeze according to the recipe of chemical engineer Muhamed Galijašević and in a short time managed to impose himself on the BiH market.

The production started in the basement with handy tools, but the business progressed quickly, so Šišić founded a respectable chemical industry with several hundred products, intended for maintaining home hygiene, as well as a whole range of products for automobiles, the so-called auto fluids like autoshampooa, instant defroster, lock defroster, radiator sealant, battery acid, demineralized water, glycerin plus, autofresh spray, etc.

Adem and his son Ismail ran two sister companies that employ a total of 65 workers. The companies have their own laboratory where each product is controlled before it goes on the market. The control is done according to the most modern standards of the European Union.

“We are positioned in such a way that we export a good part of our goods to the demanding European market. Our market is small, so it is important for development and employment that companies work for European and other countries. Income comes to BiH, we employ workers and improve production capacities. My the vision is further development and connection with domestic companies. We are too small to be divided, it is important to join forces and conquer world markets.” said Šišić in one of his rare public appearances.

Tešnjaci will remember him for his selfless deeds, nobility, generosity and numerous business successes.


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