Sad! Pickup crashes off road, passenger drifts away, 11 children hit by a car, seriously killed 6 (clip)

Sad! Pickup truck crashes in the middle of the road Passengers float away, child 11, hit by a car, fatally fatal. 6, the front camera captures a clear picture. The driver took a flash.

A pickup truck took relatives to Khao Yai and stopped to make merit. On the way back, I still haven’t reached home at Nang Rong District, Buriram. I lost my balance and drove down a ditch in the middle of the road. The front-facing camera is clearly following the car. The car crashed into a ditch in the middle of the road. The rear passenger was thrown off the road. Another car followed behind an 11-year-old child, 6 seriously injured, the driver was safe.

On November 30, 64 at 4 p.m. ago, Pol. Col. Teerawat Ratchakiri, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) of Nong Ki Police Station, Nong Ki District, Buriram Province, received a notification that a car had crashed on the road. Several people were injured at the scene. Therefore coordinated the island 12 rescue team to join the inspection and help.

The scene of the accident was on Route 24, Chokchai-Det Udom, inbound to Nong Ki district, before reaching a gas station. PTT found the injured lying on the road, scattered belongings throughout the area. rescue check One person was found dead at the scene, 12-year-old Ekachai Konchum.

And found six more injured waiting for help on the road, including Ms. Kasama Anansak, 18, Ms Deek Andee, 65, Mr. Prachuen, 43, Ms. Arun Bampenpong, 45, Mr. Lamchee Nokjee, 48, are from Sap Phraya Subdistrict, Nang Rong District, Buriram Province, and Mr. Anuphan Mee-Ngamdee, 55 years old, are from Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. All injured were sent to several hospitals. because of different symptoms

In the middle of the four-lane road, found a pickup truck, Toyota brand, 4 doors, white, license plate 1 Khor Khor 3192 Bangkok, hit a tree in the middle of the road. damaged Later learned that the driver of the pickup truck was Mr. Chow Sri Muang, 43 years old, No. 228 Moo 5, Sub-Praya Sub-district, Nang Rong District, Buriram Province.

From asking Mr. Chow, he said that he took his family, siblings, grandchildren to make merit at Khao Yai and travel for 2 nights. Today, he will return home to Nang Rong district. When he arrives at the scene, he feels faint. Come to know again that the car is falling into a rut in the middle of the road.

Police later found evidence in front-facing cameras from a car driving behind the car at the scene. Found that the car has gradually broken down on the side of the road without any parties. The police therefore asked for a picture as evidence in the case file.

This incident also had a Toyota pickup truck, 4-door, white, registration plate 3 km 4498, Bangkok. Another car was damaged, a radiator burst, parked near the scene of another car, the driver was Mr. Winai Samphaopetch, 42 years old, a native of Nang Rong district, said: At that time, he was driving in the car in front of the accident car.

Suddenly there was a big tree truck. Flick the tree to hit the car until it is damaged. The truck was expected to carry trees. should have escaped during the incident The police later intercepted the car.

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