sad without hope Lost boots for the whole team students do not have lost opportunity to compete – news

School football players lost their shoes for the whole team. Surveillance cameras capture clear images. The teacher posted an apology for not bringing her hope. Carrying evidence, Ro reported the hunt for the thief.

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On 25 Jan. 65 reporters reported that There is a Facebook user named Torslur Ngorknavung Specify that permission to leave a public relations page Hunt down some crooks Khon Sawan School Football Player Under 18 years old, compete in the valley zone around the province at Chaiyaphum Phakdi Chumphon School. while playing futsal is going to compete at the College of Physical Education football field

But the boots, the phone, the wallet motorcycle keys Totally stolen There was no equipment to compete, so I went to report to Chaiyaphum Police Station to look at the CCTV. It’s clearly seen as a sedan, retreating to the side of the school pickup truck and opening the saloon door, putting the students in the car and driving away. Now the police are following them.

In which such incidents, Mr. Suchart Dungcheep, 40 years old, who is a special teacher at Khon Sawan School have carried evidence, whether it is pictures and CCTV to report to Lieutenant Colonel Theeraphan Soonthornwiphat, Deputy Senator (Investigation), Muang Chaiyaphum Police Station. More than 13 students who were athletes and victims filed a complaint.

Mr Suchart said This morning, he took students who are futsal athletes of the school to join the valley sports competition. Inside the dome of Chaiyaphum Phakdi Chumphon School which he had driven a 4-door Isuzu pickup, license plate July 7042, Chaiyaphum Province in which the back of their car is attached to carry boy and tightly closed for students to store their belongings in the back of the car

They parked the car in front of the new building of Chaiyaphum Phakdi Chumphon School. when it is close to the time of the competition So he asked the students to change their clothes to compete. By having the 13 students competing to put their wallets, belongings, car keys and shoes in the back of the car. Until it was finished, it was found that all of the athlete’s belongings had disappeared. So rushed to look and check the CCTV footage found that the car. have come to steal things from their cars before driving away Therefore, the images from CCTV cameras and all 13 students came to report.

Initially, Police Lieutenant Theeraphan have given students and teachers a preliminary notification as well as to investigate the students in some parts of the damage as well as bringing images from the CCTV to the investigative team Muang Chaiyaphum Police Station Speed ​​up to follow the suspect’s car to investigate. If found guilty, it will be prosecuted according to the law.



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