Home News Sad! young man driving a pickup truck crash into a truck Girlfriend and friend killed at 3, the body survived

Sad! young man driving a pickup truck crash into a truck Girlfriend and friend killed at 3, the body survived

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Sad young pickup truck driver crash into a truck while going back to the car Girlfriend and friend killed at 3, the body survived, standing hugging his girlfriend’s body, crying in front of the car

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At 6:00 p.m. on August 15, 2021, Pol Col Somphon Panchan, deputy investigative senator at Bowin Police Station, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, was informed that a pickup truck occurred. He crashed into a 6-wheel truck while making a U-turn. Three people were killed and one injured. The incident occurred on Laem Chabang Road, Mab Ieng, at Hemaraj 2 U-turn point, Village No. 10, Khao Khan Song Subdistrict, Si Racha District, Chonburi Province, so he hurried to check. with the staff of the Pure Yeang Tai Sriracha rescue team

The scene was a three-lane road with one-way driving. At the turn around, found a gray Isuzu pickup truck, registration number Ngor Jor 374, Chonburi, in front of the car being demolished. Inside the car, found the third deceased person, who was a passenger, whose name was Ms. Panchanok Kong cotton, 22 years old, sitting in front of the driver, Ms. Praewphan Punprakhon, 26, sitting behind the driver. the other is a female Unknown name and surname, age about 25 years old, no evidence.

At the same time, officers found Pongsakarn Srichan, 27, who appeared to be the driver. intoxicated standing in front of a pickup truck holding a crying corpse Next came a 6-wheel truck, Isuzu brand, white color, registration number 65-0624, Bangkok. In a state of turning sideways blocking the road.

Investigating Den Phathong, 44, a truck driver, said he was parked in the far left lane. and was about to turn to the far right lane to make a U-turn. drive at speed which has no slowing or braking He didn’t know whether the pickup truck was going to the left or right, so he braked, causing the pickup truck to crash into the back of his truck until he turned to his side. but insisted that he did not cut his face

On the other hand, Pongsakarn Srichand, a pickup driver, testified that he came with his girlfriend and friend. coming back from my brother’s house Until arriving at the scene, do not know what happened. because the picture is cut off Come to feel it again, it happened.

Initially, the police inspected the scene. Ready to interrogate witnesses in the incident, officials detained the two drivers for further questioning at the Bowin Police Station to further determine the true cause.

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