Sadio Mane reveals Liverpool’s pressure to write a farewell letter

Sadio Mane, Bayern Munich striker Come out to reveal that once he was under a lot of pressure from the wayhomeThe former Liverpool team had to prepare to write a farewell letter, according to on July 7, 2022.

During the 30-year-old striker served in the Senegal national programThe African Cup of Nations, one game against Cape Verde, left him with serious injuries and concussions. from clashing with opposing outposts which from the results The Reds thought that Mane should be out of treatment for five days from this incident, but he refused.

Sadio Mane said “In the game against Cape Verde I had a clash with an opposing player. and then it has been affected. In this regard, Liverpool put a lot of pressure on me. They talk about the Football Association. and send a letter to FIFA That I should have at least five days off, but that caused me to miss the quarter-final game against Guinea, which I can’t accept. because I am nothing like that.”

Sadio Mane

“Of course the Senegal medical team didn’t want me to play. But I told the coach that I had to play. and told the media that I needed to go on the field Then I call. Go tell the president of the association that I want to play And I’m ready to sacrifice my life for this game. Of course, I would even write a letter saying if I died or anything from my stubbornness on the pitch. There must be no one’s fault because I will be responsible for this choice.”

“At that time, it should have been around 1am. Everyone was shocked. Because I really wanted to write this letter, I just wanted to say that I voluntarily entered the field to compete. no one forced me But in the end I didn’t write. Because the doctor said that you can get on the field anyway. But have to agree to scan the symptoms again before the match If there is no problem, let’s play. which when the result came out, it was nothing So the medical team told me to play.”

Sadio Mane has just decided to move’s footballFor Bayern Munich next season, which the News confirmed that Bayern is a team he has been following for a long time. Since playing in Austria with Salzburg

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