Home Health Sadly, a 1-year-old child dies in the market in the new city. Chiang Mai’s Covid-19 total continues to rise, with about 400 more cases

Sadly, a 1-year-old child dies in the market in the new city. Chiang Mai’s Covid-19 total continues to rise, with about 400 more cases

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Sadly, a 1-year-old child dies in connection with the Muang Mai market, ordering the closure of ‘San Pa Khoi Market’, 30 Oct.-1 Nov., announcing the group control of 5 Bongtan-Doi Tao sub-districts. After having 14 cases in a row, school has been delayed between 1-14 November.

On October 28, 2021, Dr. Songyot Khamchai, Head of the Communicable Disease Control Group Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office Revealing the situation of the Covid-19 outbreak in Chiang Mai province daily that Of the 403 new cases, 12 of them came from the provinces, with the rest in the provinces. by coming from various clusters multiple clusters Contains a new cluster and clusters with continuous outbreaks of 117 cases, namely, Ban Thampakorn Social Welfare Development Center cluster, 52 cases, San Pa Khoi Market 26 cases, Village No. 5, Bong Tan Subdistrict, Doi Tao District 14 cases, Village No. 4, Sop Poeng Subdistrict. Mae Taeng District 5 people, Krungsri Auto Chiang Mai employees and 4 families, migrant labor rooms in Moo 5, San Pong Subdistrict, Mae Rim District, 4 people and many more cases that are starting to find 1-3 new cases.

The same cluster of 123 cases were those found during quarantine or tracing. Therefore, there were no additional contacts, namely Muang Mai Market 31 persons, Chiang Mai Gate Market 21 persons, Warorot Market 8 persons, Yan Chang Khlan Community 8 persons, Village No. 7, Hang Dong Sub-district, Hot District 6 persons, Foreigner Community Village, Moo 4 Ban Rong Aor, San Sub-district. Phi Suea, Mueang District 6, Longan Collecting Group, Moo 3, Hang Dong Hod Subdistrict, 5 and several places where 1-3 new cases were found. The total number of family and contact cases was 103. The outbreak was found in many families. distributed in many districts and 48 more cases are under investigation.

The cluster of Social Welfare Development Center for the Elderly at Ban Thampakorn, Chiang Mai has accumulated 70 cases. According to the investigation, some infected people had timelines to go shopping at the Chiang Mai Gate market during the outbreak. It is in the process of investigating the clear disease again. Currently, 69 infected people are being treated at Ban Thammapakorn Sanam Hospital. Under the supervision of Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, another one is a family contact. is undergoing screening for symptoms to be hospitalized

Market cluster in Chiang Mai Municipality In the same market, more cases were found during quarantine. and follow up on more people who touch the house by the new city market cluster There are 1,471 cumulative cases in San Pa Khoi Market Cluster. There are 44 cumulative cases in Chiang Mai Gate market cluster. There are 150 cumulative infected people. Warorot market cluster. The cumulative number of infections was 136, with most of the new cases being household contacts found during quarantine. and those who have a history of using the service found during the observation of symptoms

As a result of the increase in the number of infected people in San Pa Khoi Market Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee Therefore, we would like to announce that the San Pa Khoi Market will be closed for 3 days from Saturday 30 October – 1 November 2021 and will be able to resume operations when everyone must have a negative ATK or PCR test result for no more than 72 hours and have been approved. Have at least 1 vaccination, including ATK test every 4 weeks in a row. After opening

And today found another outbreak that will spread into a new cluster, which is Moo 5, Bong Tan Subdistrict, Doi Tao District, where 14 people were infected today, found to be linked to people in the village who go to trade. at Lotus Khamthieng and go home on Saturday and Sunday. causing the spread of infection in the community Today, the Doi Tao disease control team has taken proactive screening tests in high-risk groups. and low risk Doi Tao District Operations Center has now announced that Moo 5, Bong Tan Subdistrict, Doi Tao District, is an access control area.

For details of the deceased was a 1-year-old girl with no history of congenital disease. and not vaccinated against COVID-19 The risk factor is family infection. Connected to the new city market cluster October 13, a family member is infected with COVID-19. therefore go for screening Found also infected. October 15, treated in a community hospital with family. October 24, an accidental drowning in a basin for an unknown period. CPR resuscitated. And forwarded to Nakornping Hospital on October 26, doctors assessed that the brain was dead. and died at 2:25 p.m.

and ask those traveling in the following risk areas Between 20-28 October 2021 is Krungsri Auto (Chiang Mai branch) Super Highway Road. Chiang Mai – Lampang, Pa Tan Subdistrict, Chiang Mai Rim Doi Company Limited (garbage collection), Mahidol Road, Chang Khlan Subdistrict, Kao Makham Noodle, Thung Tom Subdistrict, San Pa Tong District, and the National Institute of Astrophysics, Don Kaeo Subdistrict, Mae Rim District, please observe the condition. 14 days from the date of the last risk exposure If abnormal symptoms are found, get tested for COVID-19. at every hospital and the Special Inspection Center at the International Convention and Exhibition Center

Latest Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee Announcement to temporarily close the risky place Because the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office has reported that it has been infected with COVID-19. It is a group within the area of ​​Thammanoon Dormitory, Village No. 6, Talat Khwan Subdistrict, Doi Saket District. Chiang Mai Province and Lung Rat Dormitory, Village No. 6, Talat Khwan Subdistrict, Doi Saket District Chiang Mai Province for a period of 14 days from October 26, 2021 to November 8, 2021.

and Mr. Prachan Pratsakul, Governor of Chiang Mai Province As chairman of the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee The Superintendent of Public Administration in Emergency Situations, Chiang Mai Province signed a measure on the use of school buildings or places for teaching management. As of now, there are still people infected with COVID-19. in bulk continuously in many areas Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee therefore considered that “Schools or educational institutions of all types / all levels / all affiliations that is authorized to manage teaching and learning from the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee in the areas where the Covid-19 outbreak is found to such schools or educational institutions Consider delaying the use of buildings or premises of schools or educational institutions. To manage teaching in a normal format (On site) by considering other teaching methods instead. according to the measures or guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Education during the period from 1-14 November 2021.”

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