Sadly, Father Waiphot, a teacher of Luk Thung Dang Artists, singers, comedians, and music fans flock to pour water over the bodies of the temple.

Sadly, Father Waiphot, a teacher of Luk Thung Dang Artists, singers, comedians, music fans flock to pour water over the bodies of tears at Wat Seri Rung Sawang, revealing that they are sad.

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At 2:00 p.m. on January 14, 2022, reporters reported that Atmosphere at Wat Wang Nam Yen, Bang Pla Ma District, Suphan Buri Province, after the procession carried the body of Wipot Petchsuphan, the national artist, arrived at the temple, which is Waiphot’s birthplace, the family and relatives brought the body of Wipot. watering the funeral

Starting at 2 p.m. for all country music artists and fans of the general public to pour water before the royal funeral ceremony at 5 p.m. with Mr. Nattapat Suwanprateep, governor of Suphan Buri Province as the chairman. And there is a prayer ceremony on the first night at 19.00

Mr. Seree Rungsawang, a country music artist, revealed that he felt very sorry. The departure of the synonym father They live in a house close to their father, about 8 km. We go to see them, talk all the time, go to work together. Relationships like brothers and sisters. They have been in love for 40 years, 5 days ago, before their father entered the ICU. Still video chatting. I didn’t expect you to leave so quickly. So sad. May your soul rest in peace. I love you so much.

On the side of Aod Four S, a luk thung artist, revealed that he is very sad. Waiphot is like a father. if there is no synonym does not exist today because we have brought the song of Father Viphot to sing in the cheerleading style Make people know more about Od 4 S. You are the music master and teachers who are incomparable You are the best of Lukthung.

Mr. Tossapon Himmapan, Lae music artist Sitek Waiphot, said that he was very sad. It was a big loss this time in the Thai country music industry. including singing Lam Tad, E-Saew, and a revered ancestor of all Lukthung artists from the next generation, giving advice and helping social work what time do you have work He was always helping. When he left, he was very sad. I didn’t expect you to leave so quickly.

On the side of Aoba Sianghe, president of the Comedy Association of Thailand, said that he cried a lot, very sad. We work together all the time. He was like a father, always teaching and joking with each other. you are funny We will call and talk almost every day. greetings all the time You are like the last straw at the junction between the old and new Lukthung. be a master artist Inspiration for Lukthung Artists You never held yourself up Everyone calls him father.

This loss was like losing a pillar. I still can’t make up my mind Lukthung industry lost 2 valuable people at the same time Both Father Wipot and Father Sornphet Which is a tragedy in the great loss of the Thai Lukthung industry this time.


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