Sadly, Nepal finds wreckage of Tara Air plane, 21 dead, 1 missing

Nepalese officials have found the wreckage of a Tara Air mini “Twin Otter” passenger plane that crashed along with 22 passengers and crew in a mountainous northeastern region, Nepal said. On Sunday, May 29, 2022, then

According to the revelation of the army The plane crashed at the foot of a mountain in the town of Sanosware in the Mustang district of Kandy. Close to the city of Jomsom which is the destination. After the plane departed from Pokhara at 09.55 on Sunday and lost contact at 10.07 am at an altitude of 12,825 feet.

latest on monday Nepal rescuers have found 21 bodies, as efforts to recover some bodies have been delayed. because the body was buried under the wreckage of the plane staff working by hand Difficult to move scrap metal

According to Tara Air, four Indians, two Germans, three crew members and 13 other passengers are all Nepalese, according to Tara Air. Among these are 2 large families, with 4 and 7 members.

A spokesman for the German state of Hessen’s interior ministry confirmed that two German men were on the plane. dead

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