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The ‘Gochang Rural Film Festival’, the only film festival specializing in agricultural life in Korea, was held for the 4th time this year, and the slogan, official poster, and trailer were released.

The Gochang Rural Film Festival Organizing Committee decided to ‘Gochang, Embracing Rural Films’ ahead of the opening on the 5th of next month, and the poster will show the people who are tired of Corona 19 and daily life through the color of Gochang, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and its special product, green barley. It contains the meaning of embracing and comforting the audience through the film.

The official trailer is directed by Yang Ik-joon, who received attention from leading film festivals with the movie ‘Dungfly’, and is filled with emotion and laughter through filmmakers in rural areas.

The Gochang Rural Film Festival, which marks its 4th anniversary this year, will be held in Gochang-gun for three days from November 5. A variety of programs tailored to the COVID-19 situation, such as a drive cinema where you can watch movies in a car, a long and short film production contest and screenings, are offered. will proceed.

In particular, the first Korean feature film competition this year attracts attention with works that capture various perspectives on rural areas.

Through the first screening, they were directed by Park Seong-jin’s ‘Twelve Years’, Lee Jae-eun and Im Ji-seon’s ‘Kim Min-young on the Report Card’, and Hwang Jun-ha’s ‘Influenza’. A total of six films were selected, including director Huh Jung-jae’s ‘First Child’, Kim Eun-kyung’s ‘Show Me the Ghost’ and Yoon Jae-ho’s ‘The Fighter’.

These works will be screened during the 4th Gochang Rural Film Festival and will meet with the audience, and films with excellent results will be awarded the Grand Prize, Director’s Award, and Audience Award.

Another competitive program, ‘3 Minutes Short Form’, is also a topic of discussion, and through a short-form drama film, the 3-minute film production program that showcases the regional characteristics of Gochang, an agricultural and life culture city and the vitality of the countryside, is a film that captures Gochang with visual aesthetics. Four works were finally selected through a screening process, and the winning works will be revealed on the day of the opening ceremony.

Organizing Committee Chairman Jin Ki-young (Nonghyup Gochang-gun branch manager) said, “I hope that many people will join in the small happiness of walking along the autumn mood with the Gochang Rural Film Festival and seeing a movie with a message.”

Jo Woo-sam, head of the Rural Food Division, said, “It will be a great opportunity to see the lively storytelling works of Gochang and rural areas through the competing films to be presented at this year’s Gochang Rural Film Festival. I hope you see it.” / Gochang = Reporter Ahn Byung-cheol

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