Safe, “HIV patients” infected with “Covid” have been treated. better mental state

from the case HIV patient infected with covid and was refused treatment by a hospital because they do not want to increase the risk for themselves As a result, many HIV-positive patients with COVID-19 are denied access to medical services.

latest news team “Cham Chad Luek Online” have inquired to the team “yarn” Volunteer pick-up people infected with COVID-19 or those who are at high risk by talking to Mr. Weerawut Rakthieng Yarn, Ladkrabang Team who is a direct caretaker of HIV patients infected with covid

by Mr. Weerawut revealed that HIV-infected infected with coronavirus Has a very poor state of mind Because I’m alone, I don’t have friends have received all treatment left him alone They also starved for 2 days because they quarantined themselves in the room. Be socially responsible, don’t go out for fear of spreading the coronavirus. The condition that I first encountered was exhaustion due to starvation, trembling and crying in despair. The most annoying thing was the patient bowing down and thanking him. because of fear that no one will come to take care fear of disgust because he is HIV positive

Most recently, the team “yarn” have coordinated to the relevant hospitals to help take care and become “Hospital” It’s all right which now the patient has received treatment for covid after receiving treatment Mental condition improved. because I met a friend and received treatment according to the system

In this case, an HIV patient has received 2 doses of the vaccine, the latest one being Pfizer, so he still has mild symptoms. It is classified as a green patient. It's safe

For the situation where people call to request a bed Khun Kris, the founder of “Yarn” Volunteer pick-up people infected with COVID-19 or those who are at high risk, revealed that the current situation is still stable at 200-300 lines, with no alarming peaks. but still do not trust still let people take care of themselves wearing a mask and refrain from gathering together as usual

and also entrusting work to the government especially the public health system in the provinces which is now very worrying because there is a delay in working The case that he found himself was Getting people infected with coronavirus to go home After having RT-PCR examination, waiting for the hospital to confirm the admission This is the time when the patient is most infectious. Some cases are the only ones But when I go home make it next to relatives and expanding further Therefore, I want government agencies to do this part more quickly.




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