“Safe price system extended for 3 years” Cargo Solidarity “General strike tomorrow”

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While the cargo union has announced a full-scale strike from tomorrow, the government and ruling party have come up with a plan to extend the current, problematic safe fare system for another three years.

The government’s position is that it will respond hard to the strike.

This is reporter Park Jin-jun.

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The government and the ruling party have come up with a plan to extend the secure price system for three years.

However, it was found that it was not possible to expand the items for which the cargo union requested the secure freight system.

If the cargo items are expanded, there is concern that the burden of logistics costs will increase.

[원희룡 국토부 장관]

“We have decided to extend the sunset of the current safe freight rate system applied to containers and cement by 3 years, but to expand items.”

At the same time, he announced that he would take a tough response to the cargo union strike.

[한덕수 국무총리]

“The government will listen to the needs of the field and communicate with them, but will not tolerate actions that break laws and principles under any circumstances.”

Before the announcement, the government decided on the relevant content by consulting the ruling party, Cyrm y Popl, yesterday morning.

This is because the National Assembly Act needs to be amended.

However, the Democratic Party is of the opinion that the number of cargo items for which the secure freight system should be used should be increased, so a fight is expected.

The Cargo Solidarity immediately presented a position that it could not accept the offer from the government and the ruling party.

The Cargo Solidarity said, “Announcing the extension plan without expanding an item is a fraud for the cargo workers and a ploy to disrupt the announced general strike.”

At the same time, he repeatedly stressed that the general strike will continue from midnight on the 24th.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs plans to introduce alternative modes of transport and prepare emergency transport measures in consultation with the police and military to minimize damage from the strike.

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