Safety Precautions for Riding the Escalator: A Cautionary Tale

***Headline:*** Escalator Accident Results in Severe Injury to Toddler; Reattachment Surgery Proves Successful

***Subheading:*** Mother’s Stroller Mishap Leads to Young Girl’s Finger Injury

Adults and children are urged to exercise caution when riding escalators to avoid potential accidents, as underscored by a recent incident involving a mainland family. In this unfortunate occurrence, a mother was pushing a stroller on an escalator, and the stroller suddenly overturned, causing severe injury to her 20-month-old daughter’s right middle finger. The finger was amputated and left in the escalator.

***Accident and Response:***

The incident occurred at the “Dawang Road Station” subway in Beijing, where the family was present. Security camera footage captured the harrowing moment when the stroller turned over, and the child’s finger became trapped in the escalator. Despite initial difficulties in obtaining medical treatment, the young girl was admitted to a third hospital where the reattachment surgery was successfully performed.

The police, in response to the incident, took swift action and worked to locate the missing finger after the escalator was disassembled. The delicate tissue was discovered and promptly transported to the hospital where the surgery was conducted.

***Challenges and Outcomes:***

The reattachment surgery faced challenges related to the delicate nature of the hand, with medical professionals emphasizing that time is of the essence in such cases. The successful operation allowed the young patient to undergo rehabilitation and make progress towards recovery.

***Safety and Guidelines:***

Local police reinforced the importance of adhering to safety guidelines when using escalators, particularly for parents pushing strollers. Precautions such as using lifts instead of escalators and maintaining vigilance to prevent accidents were emphasized.

***Expert Insights:***

Medical experts underscored the complex nature of hand injuries and the critical need to address them promptly. Reattachment surgery is a meticulous process that requires quick action to preserve the viability of the amputated limb.


The incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with escalators, highlighting the importance of adhering to safety guidelines to prevent such mishaps. Parents and caregivers are urged to exercise caution when utilizing escalators and to prioritize the safety of young children.

***Additional Information:***

It is important to note that approximately 30 to 50 cases of limb replantation occur in Hong Kong each year, highlighting the significance of understanding and addressing these types of injuries. Medical professionals have demonstrated the capacity to perform successful limb replantation surgeries, providing hope for individuals facing similar challenges in the future.

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Written by: Chen Xiaozi

Adults and children should be careful when riding the escalator! A mother from the mainland was pushing a stroller on an escalator when the stroller suddenly overturned, the little girl’s right middle finger was severely cut and the finger was lost in the escalator. After breaking the little girl’s finger, she was refused treatment by two hospitals for the same reason, and was transferred to a third hospital before being admitted. Fortunately, the operation to reattach the broken finger was successful , and the little girl gradually recovered after treatment. Some doctors point out that surgery to reattach amputated limbs requires a race against time, otherwise the muscles will become necrotic if the ischemia time is too long.

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According to comprehensive internal media reports, a woman named Wang recently traveled to Beijing from Hunan with her family, she also brought her 20-month-old daughter “Beibei” (pseudonym) with her on this trip. On the day of the incident, the family appeared at the “Dawang Road Station” subway around 10 a.m. From the CCTV footage of the scene, it can be seen that the princess in black was pushing a stroller and taking the escalator to the lower level; while the man in a blue shirt and trousers stands to the side in front of the stroller, looking at his wife and his wife above.Beibei.

But when she was almost close to the ground, the stroller suddenly got stuck and turned over, the princess and Beibei fell on the escalator at the same time. The grandfather in red rushed down and tried to help them up . During this period, the middle finger of Beibei’s right hand was inserted into the foot pedal interface of the escalator. Unfortunately, the first part of the joint was pinned off and left in the escalator.

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After the police arrived at the scene after receiving the report, out of caution, they asked the maintenance staff to disassemble the elevator for inspection. “The child’s parents thought it was just a skin injury. After the escalator was dismantled, the maintenance staff found a piece of tissue suspected to be the child’s finger.” The police immediately took Beibei away. He was sent to hospital for emergency treatment, while some police officers remained at the scene and worked with other staff to search for Beibei boy with a broken finger.

In the end, the repair workers were able to find the broken finger after dismantling the elevator “The finger was less than one centimeter in diameter and was seriously contaminated.” In order not to delay the operation to reattach the baby’s severed finger, the police officers took advantage of the time and immediately wrapped the severed finger in sterile gloves before taking him to hospital by car .

2 hospitals refused admission

At 11:12 am, police officers, Beibei and her family arrived at the first hospital. However, due to the small size of the babies’ fingers, the number of additional operations would increase greatly, so the hospital refused. “There’s no other way to deal with him at the moment. We can only use an emergency bandage (for Beibei) first.” 30 minutes later, everyone rushed to the second hospital. Unexpectedly, the hospital also refused to perform surgery on Beibei for the same reason, but recommended another hospital with better conditions.

At 12:26 noon, everyone hurriedly arrived at the Beijing Dawang Road Emergency Rescue Hospital. Fortunately, Beibei was accepted by the hospital this time, and the operation to reattach the broken finger was also successful. The policemen who accompanied the child to different hospitals were very happy after learning the good news After half a month of rehabilitation treatment, Beibei’s injury gradually stabilized. Before returning to her home town, the princess and her husband in particular brought flowers and flags to the police station to express their gratitude to the police officers who had lent a helping hand.

In this regard, local police pointed out that accidents where strollers overturn in escalators are not uncommon. They reminded parents who were pushing strollers to use lifts instead of escalators. If they have to use escalators or stairs, they should lift the child directly while another adult is responsible for lifting the stroller.

Reattachment surgery is a race against time, and the amputated leg can last up to 6 hours at room temperature.

There are approximately 30 to 50 cases of limb replantation in Hong Kong each year. The surgical process is laborious The limb replantation team of the New Territories Eastern Hospital Cluster has carried out limb replantation operations on more than 200 patients, giving hesitant injured people a new operation. life.

Dr Ho Pai-cheong, head of the department of trauma and orthopedic surgery at the Prince of Wales Hospital, said that once 233 surgeries were carried out between 2003 and 2018, with a success rate of 70%, and 80% of the patients were able to return to w jobs before the injury. He also shared that in his early years the right palm of an elevator worker was torn off by an elevator. After the accident, he waited for rescue with unusual calmness and personally picked the broken limb. . It turns out that only his wife was pregnant when the accident happened, and he thinks about saving his hand.

Dr Ho said bluntly that the structure of the hand is delicate and complex. There are more than 20 groups of small muscles, 27 bones, and countless tendons, blood vessels and nerves in just one palm. The vessels are blood in the fingers as small as 0.2 mm, which is very important to the doctor. He said it was a big test, “The thread that connects the blood vessels in the finger is smaller than a hair. It is difficult, but you can do it if you have the will.”

He described the association as facing many difficulties. The biggest challenge was crush injuries or avulsions, and he had to race against time. Otherwise, if the ischemic time is too long, the muscles will die: “A general amputated limb can last for 6 hours at room temperature; If it is put in the refrigerator, it can be extended to 12 to 30 hours, otherwise muscles, cells, etc. will become necrotic.

Safety Guidelines for Using Escalators

According to the “Guidelines for the Safe Use of Lifts and Escalators” published by the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services, the following precautions apply to escalators:

Children must be accompanied by an adult before riding the escalator Do not run or play on the escalator Do not walk in the opposite direction Do not sit on the escalator When using the escalator, do not touch the stairs or the side panels. The gaps between the steps, or fiddle with the sideboards to prevent feet from being pinched. When using the escalator, those wearing cloth shoes, slippers or sandals with rubber soles should pay attention to the gaps between the steps and between the sideboards and steps Otherwise, the shoes There is a risk of your toes and toes being pinched You should lift your stairs when going in and out of the escalator Otherwise , you may lose your center of gravity and fall, and the front end of your shoes When entering the escalator, you should be careful to stand firmly.

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Written by: Chen Xiaozi

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