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Safia Ajith’s life becomes a movie | Saudi Arabia News

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Dammam: The life of Safia Ajith, a retired social activist from Saudi Arabia, has become a movie. A group of newcomers from Saudi Arabia are behind the film titled ‘Safia’. The film will be shot in Saudi Arabia and India. The film is based on a novel by Sabina M. Sally, a Saudi expatriate author, based on Safia’s life. The screenplay of the film is written by the author of the novel ‘Thanalpeithu’.

Zaheersha Kollam is the director. In addition to commercial interests, the film aims to bring to the audience the life of a woman who lived to the end for the rest of her life for expatriates in the social sphere in Saudi Arabia, activists said at a news conference.


Safia will be played by a native actress. Safia Ajith was a person who dedicated her life to helping the homeless and the needy. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, she worked tirelessly to free those trapped and imprisoned in the Arab world.

Safia, who worked as a nursing superintendent at a private hospital in Dammam, died on January 26, 2015, at the age of 49, of acute cancer. Satish Kumar, Jacob Uthup, Harish Murali, Rafi Thattamala, Mojid Mohan and Nitin Kandempath were present at the press conference.


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