“Sahapat” shows potential of health products, attracting investors

Sahapat raises the flag to advance the health business, highlighting the SAHAGROUP HealthCare & Wellness group to show off their full potential hope to attract investors Mobilize products to join Health Tech Thailand 2021, an exhibition for medical and health innovations

past trends “health” become one of the gimmicks Or a marketing tool that brands try to create products to stick to the trend. Creating color for the market and a small group of consumers only, however, as soon as the COVID-19 epidemic has been in two years, loving health is not just a trend anymore. But it is one of the new lifestyles that consumers are very aware of.

However, when the epidemic creates an accelerated reaction for people who love health more. In the business dimension, it is a marketing opportunity for brands and services to penetrate big treasures. It’s a very sweet purchasing power.

“Sahapat Group” An organization that is more than 70 years old, making a main income of “hundreds of billions of baht”, never fails to step into the health product market, the latest group SAHAGROUP HealthCare & Wellness in the group to mobilize health products in various categories to penetrate the market Health Tech Thailand 2021, which is a medical and health innovation exhibition at the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) together with the medical and health device manufacturers industry group and private sector partners

Boonsithi Chokwatana, chairman of the Saha Group It was revealed that Health Tech Thailand 2021 was organized to support and commercialize medical innovations. to generate investment make an economic impact and reduce imports from abroad in which the event will have technology companies Leading medical research organization in 7 economic zones, including SAHAGROUP HealthCare & Wellness group under Saha Group. has presented products and technological advances. to show potential to both Thai and foreign investors as well as sold to the general public as well

for the product SAHAGROUP HealthCare & Wellness To be exhibited at Health Tech Thailand 2021, divided into 4 groups from 11 companies, namely 1. Medical Textile 2. Health Tech Textile 3. Food, beverages, drugs and supplementary products. food and 4. beauty products Personal Care

In addition, attendees will see technological advances in the production of health products from Saha Group, such as the cool operating room shirts with PCM 20 degrees from the New City boutique, the water reflective suit that protects and Try water and liquid reflection from silk, anti-static surgical gown. Antibacterial surgical gown and bed-ridden patient gowns that help prevent pressure ulcers from Thanulux,

antibacterial nursing uniform and cleaning products for children that can clean deep into the fibers from Wacoal, nursing uniforms, masks and public health shirts with antiviral properties From Erawan textiles, towels made from bamboo. From Rajashuino, Foods Marked as Healthy Alternative Nutrition from Kewpie, Cholesterol and Sugar Free Drinks. and cosmetics and vegan skin care products from I.C.C., etc.

In addition to product exhibitions, the SAHAGROUP HealthCare & Wellness group also organized a lecture on the topic of SAHAGROUP Health Care Innovation, highlighting innovations that meet the needs of consumers in the New Normal era. It has a lyotropic liquid crystal structure with the same structure as the epidermis. and Erawan Textiles will present the innovative Viral Cut virus-inhibiting fabric that is effective against 99.17% of the COVID-19 virus. Lectures will be held in a hybrid style. Interested parties can listen to it at Room CC-306, Thailand Science Park. Or listen to the ZOOM program on December 9, 2021 at 4 PM.

“SAHAGROUP HealthCare & Wellness Group was established from the cooperation of Saha Group companies. To increase the competitiveness of health products and good quality of life, joining Health Tech Thailand 2021 is an important event that will allow investors to see the production potential and cutting-edge technology of the United Group. Pat” Boonsit say

In the past, Saha’s products were accepted both domestically and internationally. whether it is a mask to prevent the virus pain relief pillow Products for breast cancer surgery PPE set Anti virus pajamas Set for bedridden patients Anti-virus gown, which in the future we have plans to develop more products in this group according to the trend of Thai society is moving towards an aging society. and the trend of the new generation who care about their health and focus on their quality of life

For Health Tech Thailand 2021, it will be held between 8-9 December 2021 in a hybrid event format at the Thailand Science Park, Pathum Thani Province and will be organized online virtually with full 3D technology at For those who are interested in SAHAGROUP HealthCare & Wellness products, you can follow the information at



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