Sai people can’t stand it! The smog is the highest in 10 years, prompting the government to control nearby corn imports to reduce forest burning.

Chiang Rai – Sai people can’t stand it Gather together to demand that the state raise the problem of smog problems after PM 2.5 hit the highest level ever in 10 years, prompting the state to speed up negotiations with neighbors. Control corn imports to reduce forest burning

Today (March 27, 2023), Mr Sawetyont Srisamut, vice president of the Chiang Rai Chamber of Commerce, Mr Rachot Chaiyawan and Mr Trasak Srithiphan have led the Mae Sai crowd. named Around 200 people gathered in the courtyard in front of the Mae Sai District Governor’s office in Chiang Rai Province to demand that cross-border forest fires and fog be resolved.

By accepting donations of equipment, drinking water, etc. to help firefighters in the area. and presented a letter of petition to Mr. Narongpol Kidread, Head of Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province, to solve short and long term problems. is discussing with neighboring countries to push it into the ASEAN agenda as well as asking the private sector to promote agriculture together to solve the problem in order to reduce the burning of forests until the formation of such thick dust.

Sawet Yon said The problem of dust and smog happens every year. Even more intense this year. It’s time for an answer. Because in the past, we could not access the problem information. But now there are two satellites. various applications that inform about forest fires, hot spots, etc., making it clear that the problem is caused by burning in the country and in neighboring countries

Therefore, the problem must be solved at the government level, which must be negotiated because it involves international affairs, especially agriculture. which can be said to be “corn” to reduce burning In addition, there should be free control over importing products from neighboring countries. The government, through the Ministry of Commerce, should also take control.

Mr Trasak said PM 2.5 dust during this period is considered to be the heaviest in the last 10 years since the phenomenon of thick dust in 2011 onwards, causing Mae Sai people to be unable to tolerate it anymore because if they are left to do nothing, problems will arise. Happens every year and can be even more serious. Therefore, it is expected that the government and related agencies will also give importance to

News reports that Submitted a letter to Mae Sai District Sheriff The crowd power group is supposed to walk together to campaign for the area in front of the Thailand-Myanmar border check point in Mae Sai district, but because of the dust thick The Pollution Control Department said that the concentration of PM 2.5 in Mae Sai District has reached a level of 543 micrograms per cubic meter. So refrain from walking outdoors for health safety. Turn to using a car to drive the campaign instead.