SAIC Motor: This year’s chip supply is tight, car companies are still sparing no effort to grab chips – Teller Report Teller Report

Source: Caijing Network2022-05-20 23:22 Automotive News May 20th, it was officially informed that SAIC Motor Group stated at the shareholders’ meeting held today that although the chip shortage this year has improved compared with last year, the overall supply is still tight; When the chain is still unstable, various car companies are still sparing no effort to grab chips, strengthen resource reserves, speed up multi-point layout, and intensify efforts to promote the localization of automotive-grade chips.

It is reported that SAIC has clarified the localization strategy of large computing power chips and MCU chips last year, formed a list of 191 types of localized chips, and a list of 48 first batch of automotive electronic chip promotion projects, and promoted 75 chips to complete localization development. Enter the vehicle mass production application.

In addition, on January 27 this year, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Shanghai Institute of Micro-Technology Industry and SAIC Motor Corporation Limited was held. Shanghai Industrial Technology Research Institute can replicate the successful model of pilot R&D platform + entrepreneurial ecosystem.

According to information from the Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology and SAIC have decided to jointly initiate the establishment of a multi-billion-dollar “special fund for domestic automotive chips”, using capital as a link to connect their respective advantageous resources and jointly promote the “vehicle-standard” The “China Chip” will accelerate the implementation to ensure that the automotive industry chain and supply chain are autonomous and controllable.

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