Said to be the strongest… The Russian military in the invasion of Ukraine

decision-making authority, over-focused on military leaders
Conscripted soldiers have no combat experience
Expiry date of supply combat food, 2002
“Buy a luxury yacht with the military budget”

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It was expected that Russia, which had invaded Ukraine, would immediately occupy the capital, Kiev (Kyiv).

The New York Times (NYT) reported on the 8th (local time) that the military and intelligence agencies of each country were able to grasp the situation of the Russian military that had not been seen before with the invasion of Ukraine.

“European governments who were once afraid of Russia say they are not as intimidated by Russian ground forces as in the past,” he said.

According to Western intelligence agencies, the Russian military has been found to be ineffective because of an excessive concentration of powers over the chief of the General Staff, Valery Gerasimov. Military aides are said to have to obtain prior approval from Chief of the General Staff, Gerasimov, even in trivial matters.

In addition, the young soldiers of the Russian army conscripted for this invasion have no experience in combat, so they cannot make flexible judgments according to the situation on the ground.

In particular, due to the conservative judgment of the commanders that they avoid risks as much as possible, such as ordering low-flying bombers or helicopters for weather reasons, they give up precision strikes on military facilities and choose indiscriminate strikes that can sacrifice civilians.

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Dissemination is not being done properly. It is known that some Russian soldiers who entered Ukraine were supplied with combat food with an expiration date of 2002.

Andrei Kozirev, who served as foreign minister during former Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s presidency, tweeted: “The Kremlin has spent the last 20 years modernizing the Russian military, but much of its budget goes out of the way to buy luxury yachts. used,” he claimed.