“Sak Siam” is waiting for “Chuwit” to give information about the change of 30 thousand million baht, the orange line in 15 days, swipe to see the live broadcast referring to “Pee Nevin”

The Minister of Transport revealed that he was waiting for “Chuvit” to clarify within 15 days after the transport requested documents for the 30 billion baht change to the Orange Line electric train, confirming compliance with the law without discrimination. Flick could not watch the live broadcast, referring to “Pee Ne Win”.

Today (February 28) at 8:15 am at Government House. Mr. Sakkayam Chidchob, Minister of Transport as secretary general of the Bhumjaithai Party (PTT) mentioned the case of the Ministry of Transport Send a letter to Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit to request information and evidence documents for the 30 billion baht Orange Line electric train change, to be sent back to the Ministry of Transport within 15 days to proceed with the offenders that there is now time left. more days from February 27, 2023

When asked if the Ministry of Transport I would like to ask for documents to be clear, yes or no Mr. Sak Siam that it is in accordance with normal legal and regulatory procedures. When a complaint is made, it must be completed in accordance with the letter from the Ministry of Transport.
When asked if the Ministry of Transport will sue Mr Chuvit or not Mr Sak Siam said that now the steps are Waiting for Mr. Chuvit explained. we are moving forward normally, nothing

When asked if Mr. Whether or not the evidence was requested by the Ministry of Transport. Mr. said Sak Siam didn’t know either, wait and see.

When asked if he spoke to Mr. Newin Chidchob, president of Buriram United Football Club or not, after Mr Chuwit had a live broadcast he was referred to. Mr. said Sak Siam who had not seen anything.

When asked if Mr. Chuvit linked to political games or not Mr. Sak Siam would wait and see for 15 days before following all the laws. no discrimination