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“Sak Siam” moves forward to establish national shipping line Expected to open in June 65

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27 Sep 2021 9:20 a.m.

“Sak Siam” moves forward to establish The National Maritime Line is confident that in 8 months after this, June 65, there will be 1 ship in service, holding up the model to set up 3 shipping companies. “Domestic-East-West” is confident in reducing the use of foreign ships. Help to promote the import and export of goods, increase the value of marine freight – develop the potential of Thai naval personnel

Mr. Saksiam Chidchob, Minister of Transport, revealed the progress in establishing a national shipping line that after the government’s policy to make Thailand a center (hub) for waterway logistics and the Ministry of Transport to expedite Establish a national shipping line to support the project linking the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman. (Landbridge) to increase the capacity of water transportation in Thailand. Relevant agencies and the meeting concluded the plan for the establishment of a national shipping line (Timeline) that in Oct. 64, the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) must study the suitability of establishing a national shipping line. After another four months, within Feb. 65, the PAT must submit the results of the study to the relevant committees and propose to the Cabinet for approval. After that, PAT must establish a national shipping line. and apply for a license to operate It is expected that by June 65, the national shipping line will be open for sailing And there is definitely 1 boat to serve first.

The form of establishment The national shipping line to be established will have 3 companies: 1. Domestic shipping companies. to be opened in the entire Gulf of Thailand which the domestic shipping line serves to transport goods from the south to Central and Eastern This will reduce the amount of traffic on the road. At the same time, the Marine Department (JorThor.) has to look in detail in 30 days to approve the construction of the port. which does not require a port in every province to be organized into a group of provinces to reduce the problem of land transportation solve traffic problems accident drop The initial target is Songkhla Port because it has a port. Meanwhile, in Pranburi, there is a Sahaviriya Steel Plant, which used to use only 10% of its transport capacity or slots, so the remaining 90% can be managed.

2. East Company Limited provides transportation services in the Gulf of Thailand. to the eastern seas of the region The cargo ship will depart from Laem Chabang Port. Bangkok Port And in the future, it will serve at Land Bridge Pier, Chumphon Province. which the east transport route will travel to Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, East China with 3. West Co., Ltd. will provide pick-up and delivery services. on the coast of Ranong Province It will provide sea freight services to countries in the framework of technical and economic cooperation between the seven countries in the Bay of Bengal region, namely Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand (BIMSTEC), to Africa and Europe.

For the benefits that will arise from the establishment of a national shipping line is to increase the tonnage to support the transportation of Thai exports and imports, reduce the freight deficit Reduce transportation and logistics costs At the same time, when there is a shipping line, it will help to develop the Thai fleet and related industries such as shipyards, shipyards, etc. and also develop more quality naval personnel. Importantly, it also expands the capacity of sea transportation services beyond the original port service. In addition, it will reduce dependence on foreign ships. In the event that it is necessary to transport important goods by Thai boat and can also use Thai national boats to transport government goods or strategic goods energy goods that affect the stability

“PTT is a profitable state enterprise. Next, if there is a systematic water issue will be able to generate income Increase the capacity of state-owned enterprises. At the same time, has ordered the Marine Department and PAT to discuss the establishment of a national shipping line. Because the setting must depend on the market as well. The port has to look at the license. The port had to look at the market. Open the path accordingly, which when doing this It will help water transportation, reduce costs, and be the most convenient”.

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