Saki US spokesman retires in a few weeks or is a candidate for successor Public relations manager = related sources | Reuters

Saki, a spokesman for the White House (pictured), is preparing to retire in the coming weeks, sources said. Taken in March (2022 Reuters / Leah Millis)

[Washington, 1st Reuters]-The White House spokesman Saki is preparing to retire in the coming weeks, but the Biden administration has not yet elected a replacement, two sources said.

Deputy spokesman Jean-Pierre and spokesman Kirby of the US Department of Defense have long been seen as candidates for succession, sources told Reuters. In addition, it is said that the appointment of a spokesman for the spokesman of Bedingfield, who has recently appeared at a press conference, is being considered.

Mr. Bedingfield has served as a spokesman for Mr. Biden during his time as Vice President and early in the 2020 presidential election.

According to people familiar with the matter, Saki is expected to stay in the post as a spokesman until the dinner with the White House Correspondents scheduled at the end of the month, and news media Axios will move to MSNBC on the 1st after Saki retires. Reported as a plan.

Whitehouse officials said he could not confirm Mr. Saki’s plans.

In January 2009, Mr. Saki indicated his intention to serve as a press secretary for about a year, but in June, he said he could stay in the press secretary post for more than a year if necessary.