Sakura Koiwai The final day full of reflection and the response to the white star[Domestic Women’s Tour LPGA]| GDO Golf Digest Online

◇ Domestic Girls ◇ Resort Trust Ladies Last Day (29th) ◇ Maple Point GC (Yamanashi) ◇ 6580yd (Par 72)

“I wanted to decide at the end and win the championship.” Sakura Koiwai was disappointed to see the 2m birdie putt passing by the side of the cup. She stayed at the final 18th (par 5). She is far from her goal of “5 under (67)” the day before, with 2 birdies and 1 bogey “71” on the final day. Although she escaped by two strokes after the same as at the start, her words full of regret and remorse lined up.


The first start was a par 5 with an average score of “4.6894” (total for 4 days), which was the easiest on the 18th hole. I struck vaguely without looking at the descent, “he said with a dissatisfied par.

The “stumbling block” at the beginning leads to a melee. Sai Payin (Taiwan), who decided the 2nd to 2nd consecutive birdies, quickly caught up with him, and only one of the 4th birdies was out in the first half. “I couldn’t stretch it at all, and I thought it was pretty tough.” In the 12th half (par 3), which was greeted by running in parallel, I missed the chance of 1.5m. From the day before the mark of “64”, the putting that was mentioned as the key was a stumbling block, saying, “It’s really useless. I feel like I can endure it.”

Birdie No. 13, who became the “final point”, also looks back on “lucky”. Because the touch of 7m is “a little stronger”. Regarding the shot, “I didn’t feel good about the iron. If I don’t fix it properly, (next week) at the US Women’s Open, if the iron shot bends, I will go to a difficult place.” rice field.

A day full of reflection. However, if you look at the season from a bird’s-eye view, there is a good response. She said she had a long time to win her seventh victory since “CAT Ladies” last August, and she said, “On the contrary, I think I should do my best and win early.” Her draw ball went wild last fall, and she was devoted to trial and error. She learned from coach Naoki Yoshida this season because she felt a sense of crisis that she wouldn’t do it as it is.

Starting with the correction of the draw, I just started to work on learning the fade ball in earnest the weekend before the qualifying. This tournament has begun to thoroughly enforce the basic conventions for hitting the fade, with the outside-in orbit and the address on the right side of the teeing area. “I changed my coach and swing. Yes, I thought it wouldn’t work,” he said.

I will go to the United States on the 30th (Monday) with the best souvenirs. Before the start of this season, there was little willingness to take on major challenges, and vaccination with the new coronavirus had not been completed. The change of heart is also influenced by the new coach. “I want to try a little. The coach can speak English. That will reduce my worries.” My heart is excited about the challenge since the “US Women’s Open” in December 2008, when I failed to qualify.

There are also big players of the same generation such as Nasa Hataoka and Hinako Shibuno who fight on the US tour. “It’s inspiring. Ayaka Furue is younger, but it’s amazing to see her playing an active part.” Her junior made a breakthrough in the final four on the US tour “Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play” on this day of Japan time. I can’t just look up. (Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture / Yoichi Katsurakawa)

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