salary arrears; Widow jailed, lone children protected by Dubai Police

Dubai – Dubai Police has added seven more to its charity activities Dubai Police came forward to look after the children of a widowed prisoner until they are released. The mother was worried that social care institutions would separate the children because of their different ages. The prisoner did not tell the police for weeks that the children had been left alone in the house without care, electricity or running water. The police will now be responsible for protecting the children until they are released from prison.


The widow chose not to inform the police about her children. But later she opened up to police officers and expressed concern about the children being left alone, says Bri. Marwan Abdul Karim Julfar said. Flat without water, electricity or guardian. The woman became upset when the salary due for her work came. She was a widow and went through a serious financial crisis. Failure to pay rent arrears and water and electricity bills. With this, a case would have been filed and he would have been sentenced to prison. She left her children aged 9, 12 and 15 at home hoping to be released soon. He asked a friend to look after the children and visit them from time to time until they were released.

The police, in collaboration with the Child Rights Protection Department of the Sharjah Department of Social Services, ensured that the three children were not separated in accordance with the mother’s wishes. The best solution was to find a foster family until the prisoner was released. A female employee from the Dubai Police came to look after the children. In the meantime, our Humanitarian Care Department ensured that the three children received their monthly expense payments and settled the late rent and utility bills, said Bri. Julfar explained.

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