Sales of SK View in Daejeon, close to the Dunsan District of SK Eco Plant

2 basement levels and 35 above ground, 9 buildings, 307 households out of 808 households (59-84㎡) for general sale
Accessibility to Dunsan District, the center of education and administration, and infrastructure for transportation, education and living
Model house opening on the 8th, special supply on the 18th, first-order subscription on the 19th

SK Eco Plant starts selling the ‘Jungchon SK View’ to be built in Jungchon-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon. The model house is operated in Daesang-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon.

The complex, which is reconstructing the Jungchon-dong District 1, will consist of 2 basement floors and 35 floors above the ground, 9 buildings, and 808 households (exclusive area 59-84㎡). Of these, 307 households are sold to the general public.

The subscription can be made through the website of the Korea Real Estate Agency subscription home. Starting with the special supply on the 18th, the application for the 1st priority area on the 19th, the 1st priority on the 20th and other areas on the 20th, and the 2nd priority on the 21st will proceed. Winners will be announced on the 27th, and the contract will be signed from August 8th to 12th. The occupancy is scheduled for March 2025. The average selling price is 14.82 million won per 3.3 square meters.

Jungchon-dong is close to Dunsan District, the center of education and administration. In the Dunsan district, major public facilities such as city hall, education office, police office, prosecutor’s office, and court are concentrated. Cultural and leisure facilities such as Galleria Department Store, Lotte Department Store, E-Mart, CGV, and Seoul Arts Center are also abundant. Yudongcheon and Daejeoncheon flow to the left and right of the complex, and you can enjoy natural greenery through Jungchon Citizen’s Park.

Jungchon Elementary School is close to the complex, and Daejeon Jungang Middle School, Chungnam Girls’ Middle School, Daejeon Jungang High School, and Chungnam Girls’ High School are also nearby. It is possible to use the Dunsan district academy along with the academy district in front of the Mokdong area.

Transportation conditions are also good. It is adjacent to Daejeon-ro, Gyeryong-ro, and Gyebaek-ro, so it is easy to move around Daejeon. When Jungchon Station (scheduled) of the Chungcheong Area Railway is opened, it is expected to be reborn as a station area complex. Daejeon Subway Line 1 Yongdu Station will be built in the vicinity of the complex. In 2025, an urban railway line 2 (tram) is also planned.

All furniture is oriented to the south, and the highly preferred plate-shaped special design enhances sunlight and lighting effects. 38% of the complex will be developed as green areas. SK View’s garden, ‘Biotopia Garden’, is placed in the center of the complex to increase the sense of openness and provide a nature-friendly resting space complex. With 100% underground parking design (excluding neighborhood living facilities), it is planned to be built as a car-free park-type apartment on the ground.

A smart system is also introduced. SKT’s IoT system, ‘NUGU Smart Home’ system, can be applied to control home networks and home appliances with a smartphone. Smart systems that add convenience to life will be introduced, such as a front door, a one-pass system that enables automatic elevator calls, and a door camera equipped with a black box function. It plans to improve indoor air quality without opening windows by applying a total heat exchange ventilation system equipped with a high-performance HEPA filter that exhausts indoor polluted air and supplies fresh outdoor air. By installing solar power generation facilities in the complex and using the electricity produced for the operation of public facilities, it is possible to enjoy the effect of reducing maintenance costs.

As community facilities, various community facilities such as indoor golf driving range, fitness, GX room, small library, reading room, hobby room, daycare center, and senior citizen center are planned to be prepared. An official from SK Eco Plant said, “The strength of being able to enjoy various living infrastructures in the Dunsan district, as well as being able to enjoy excellent educational conditions and SK View brand premium”

Reporter Park Jong-pil