Salman Khan at Riyadh: Salman Khan’s Bollywood show is new to the Saudi capital

First Published Dec 12, 2021, 11:22 PM IST

Riyadh: The first ever Bollywood show in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, entertained millions of Arabs and non-Arabs alike. The show ‘Dabangg The Tour Reloaded’, starring Bollywood actor Salman Khan (? Salman Khan) and his team, premiered on Friday night at the Boulevard Plus International Arena, the main venue for the Riyadh season celebrations.

Bollywood stars Shilpa Shetty, Sai Manjrekar, Ayush Sharma, singer Guru Ranadev and many more stars lined up with Salman Khan during the three – and – a – half hour long event.

Salman Khans mega show at Riyadh

About 150 other artists lined up along with 10 prominent Bollywood stars.

(Picture- Bollywood Mega Show in Riyadh)

Salman Khans mega show at Riyadh

The audience in front of the stage looked like they were watching a Hindi movie. The show was directed by Suhail Khan, who is also Salman Khan’s brother.

Salman Khans mega show at Riyadh

This is Salman Khan’s second time in Saudi Arabia but his first in Riyadh. Kovid had previously been a guest at the Al-Sharqia Festival in Dammam.

Salman Khans mega show at Riyadh

The rest of the players were first-timers in Saudi. Salman Khan and his team arrived in Riyadh on Wednesday.

(Picture: Bollywood Mega Show in Riyadh)

Salman Khans mega show at Riyadh

He met the media in Riyadh on Thursday and expressed his amazement and excitement at being able to present such a Bollywood show in Saudi Arabia.

Salman Khans mega show at Riyadh

Salman Khan said that all the recent changes in Saudi Arabia are unbelievable and amazing. He also said that he will now go to Saudi Arabia for Hindi film shooting.

Salman Khans mega show at Riyadh

All the videos related to the visit of Salman Khan and the Bollywood team to Riyadh and the mega show have gone viral on social media.

Salman Khans mega show at Riyadh

A video of a friendly moment with Salman Khan, shared by General Entertainment Authority chairman Turkey Alu Sheikh on Twitter, also went viral. While Turkish Al-Sheikh expressed his happiness to see Salman Khan in person, Salman Khan also expressed his happiness to be able to come to Saudi and meet Turkish Al-Sheikh. Tickets for the mega show went on sale online and sold out in less than a day.



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