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Salomon reviews featured collections for fall and winter. “SALOMON SONIC 4 GORE-TEX & NOCTURNE SERIES”

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SALOMON is a global brand that even has the style of a champion in the world of trail running. Recently, it has steadily expanded its market share in the on-road running category. Of particular note in Salomon’s on-road model is the “SONIC 4 GORE-TEX,” which ensures unparalleled waterproof and breathable performance. It keeps the comfort inside the shoes even in bad weather such as rain and snow, and does not give up daily training. In addition to that, if you coordinate the apparel and accessories of “NOCTURNE COLLECTION” that combines specifications that improve driving safety performance at night and a chic design that blends into the city, running in the city will be more fun than ever. It should be.


Salomon’s Sonic 4 Gore-Tex has an Optivibe on the heel that absorbs micro-vibrations during driving to minimize muscle fatigue while maximizing the conversion of landing impact into repulsive force. Based on Sonic 4 Balance, an on-road product with a sole unit. GORE-TEX footwear stretch technology with high stretchability and waterproof breathability is added to this model, which is highly evaluated by runners all over the world. As a result, a versatile running shoe that prevents water from entering the inside of the shoe even in bad weather and provides a comfortable run has been completed.

Editor-in-chief Minami actually runs and reviews SONIC 4 GORE-TEX!

Salomon’s on-road running shoes that use Optivibe have been a favorite for a long time, and I especially appreciate the high protection performance to the legs, including absorption of slight vibrations. The day after I ran the Honolulu Marathon (42.195km) and the day after, I was surprised at the high level of protection of this technology, with almost no pain or tiredness in my legs. I heard that a model equipped with Gore-Tex that ensures excellent waterproof and breathable properties will appear in such a product, and I was looking forward to its release.

First, when you put your foot in, the combination of gusset tongue and Quicklace, which integrates both sides of the tongue and the upper, makes it easy and quick to adjust the fit. It’s a structure that hasn’t been used in the previous Sonic series, but I think it’s really convenient.

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When you actually start running, the moderately hard midsole has a high sense of stability and you can feel the resilience. There is almost no glare when landing, so even beginner runners can rest assured with this structure. In addition, Optivibe with excellent shock absorption is placed on the heel part to firmly absorb the landing impact. It doesn’t feel as fluffy as other brands, so you might wonder, “Is it absorbing shocks?” While driving, but as mentioned above, the day after running the full marathon, the day after, the pain in the legs and the feeling of fatigue. I think its excellence has been proved because it does not remain.

As for the outsole, foam rubber is used for the forefoot, so both landing impact absorption and grip are achieved at a high level. The outsole pattern provides the best grip on paved roads such as asphalt and concrete, but it also has a certain depth of knurling, so it also demonstrates sufficient traction on the soil road surface of the park.

The new GORE-TEX footwear stretch technology makes it waterproof and breathable, which you will experience during your second test run. It was raining lightly on that day, and there were puddles on the road surface, but during the 6km run, which is my daily routine, water did not get inside the shoes, and I kept comfortable wearing until I finished running. I was sick. In this way, Salomon Sonic 4 Gore-Tex mixes the high protection performance and running performance of the Sonic series with the top level waterproof and breathable, “I do not want to give up running even on bad weather days!” “Business trip I think it’s a perfect pair for runners who want to minimize their luggage when traveling.

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Previously, the Sonic series was fitted with laces, but the Sonic 4 Gore-Tex uses Quicklace, which makes it easier and quicker to adjust the fit.

GORE-TEX footwear stretch technology visible inside the upper mesh. With the GORE-TEX logo printed on the entire surface, this material combines excellent waterproof breathability with high stretchability, and keeps you comfortable even in bad weather.

The gusseted tongue with both sides of the tongue integrated with the upper prevents water from entering and at the same time provides excellent fitting with the foot. In addition, a molded OrthoLite insole that matches the shape of the foot provides excellent cushioning, breathability, and durability. It has both comfort and functionality.

Price: 18,700 yen (tax included)
Size: (Unisex) 22.5 ~ 28.5cm
Weight: 261g (Unisex 27cm / one leg)

Salomon’s Nocturne collection has a stylish product lineup with reflectors that are ideal for the coming season with shorter daylight hours. Equipped with a reflector that reflects the headlights of automobiles and motorcycles to emphasize the presence of the wearer, it provides safety even when running or outdoor activities in the dark hours of morning and evening when visibility is poor. ..


Apparel and accessories used for outdoor activities generally use highly visible colors such as red, yellow, and blue to make the wearer stand out outdoors. Salomon’s Nocturne collection is a stylish collection that breaks through such common sense. While maintaining the high functionality that Salomon is proud of, it mixes chic coloring based on black. As a result, even when used in urban areas, it blends into the city and does not feel uncomfortable.

In addition, when used at night, reflectors used everywhere reflect the light of the headlamps of automobiles and motorcycles, so that the driver can be effectively notified of the presence of the user. Ryuta Iwai, an advisory staff member of Salomon who ran wearing the Nocturne collection this time, said, “It was raining today, but the Bonatti 2.5L jacket did not get the inside of the clothes wet at all. While maintaining the performance performance that Salomon is proud of, it is not a flashy coloring such as outdoor wear, so it is nice that it is easy to wear in the city. The Nocturne XT 15 has an excellent fit and it was easy to run without shaking. ” .. He also said, “I used to avoid wearing tights because I had a cramped image, but the agile long tights I tried this time are comfortable without a strange feeling of tightening, and dispel the negative image of tights so far. He did it. “

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A jacket that achieves ultimate lightness by using lightweight materials that are waterproof, breathable and breathable, and by eliminating unnecessary details. The jacket is designed to fit a variety of activities and is highly breathable and weather resistant. It is also convenient that it can be stored in the chest pocket when not in use. 19,800 yen (tax included)

Versatile long tights for various activities such as running. There is no feeling of extreme tightening, so I am happy that it is comfortable to wear, which dispels the image of “tights = cramped and uncomfortable”. 8,800 yen (tax included)

A high-performance backpack that provides the functionality unique to Salomon, including a fit like a part of the body, even on road running. By arranging reflectors everywhere, it enhances safety when driving at night. 13,200 yen (tax included)

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Salomon Official Site: https://www.salomon.com/ja-jp/
Salomon Japan Official Information Site: https://timetoplay.salomon.jp

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