Sam Burgess’s attorney Bryan Wrench denounces domestic violence and drug charges

Sam Burgess’s attorney has argued that the drug use and domestic violence charges are “orchestrated propaganda” and argues that his accusers may be in contempt of court.

Mr. Wrench said claims that aired last week that Burgess had severe drug problems and assaulted his now separated wife Phoebe while she was pregnant were “orchestrated propaganda.”

He also claimed that they were “born of malice and retaliation” and if Mr Hooke and Mrs Burgess had talked to the Australian, they might have despised the court.

The case was updated for two weeks.

Burgess and his wife separated in October last year, and shortly thereafter Burgess was charged with intimidation after an alleged quarrel with Mr. Hooke at his Bowral property, where the couple had married years earlier.

Two weeks ago, Burgess filed an application with the family court. Six days later, Ms. Burgess reportedly handed the police a 50-page affidavit that ended up in the newspaper.

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