Sam Séverin Ango leaves the RDPC and joins the Franckist movement of Franck Biya

Sam Séverin Ango, renowned professional journalist and Cameroonian political figure, has officially left the Democratic Rally of the Cameroon People (RDPC) to join the Citizen Movement for Peace and Unity (MCPU), Franckist movement of Franck Biya. This decision, announced on September 17, 2023, marks a significant turning point in his political career.

Ango, a native of Mvila in the South region, worked for several years in the Cameroonian media before entering politics. He was an influential member of teams involved in the 2018 presidential election, spokesperson and communications manager for candidates Akere Muna and Frankline Ndifor Afanwi, and declared candidate in the 2020 municipal and legislative elections on behalf of the MRC . He also chaired the political party La Nationale, left by the illustrious Abel Eyinga.

His joining Paul Biya’s CPDM on March 24 had raised many questions. Today, Ango is taking a new step by joining the MCPU, a movement which works to promote the brand image of Franck Emmanuel Biya. Although the MCPU does not openly act as a political group, it is clear that the objective of the movement corresponds to a political ideal not yet revealed.

The arrival of Sam Séverin Ango at the MCPU can be interpreted as support for Franck Biya’s presidential project, but also as a break with the leaders of the ruling party. For now, the precise role that Ango will play within the MCPU remains to be determined. Regardless, this new stage in his political career promises to be interesting to follow


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