SAM uses debt clinic to help NPL customers, over 68,000 credit card accounts.

On December 1, 2021, Mr. Tharataporn Techakijkajorn, Managing Director of Sukhumvit Asset Management Company Limited or SAM, said that he disclosed the operating results and achievements as of October 2021, able to negotiate debt restructuring for NPL customers. 54,899 cases, with a book value of 341,448 million baht.

A total of 10,496 NPA assets have been sold foreclosed, the appraised price is 51,914 million baht. As for the asset purchase auction to increase the size of the SAM portfolio, assets can be purchased. A total of 16,569 cases with a book value of 113,621 million baht.

while the clinic solves the debt There are a total of 68,071 accounts of qualified customers who have applied for the project, representing a principal debt of 5,163 million baht.

Since its inception in 2000, SAM has been able to remit the repayment of the Financial Institutions Development Fund (the Fund) in the amount of approximately 255,000 million baht.

For the management of non-performing assets or NPLs, SAM has a policy to focus on debt restructuring negotiations first. By taking into account the debtor’s ability to repay the debt as important, including consulting to reach a resolution under an appropriate approach so that potential debtors can return to normal life or can continue the business

In the past, SAM organized a project to alleviate the burden of customers during the Covid Pandemic Crisis 3 to help and alleviate the suffering of customers with special lenient conditions. as well as offering an alternative that truly suits the ability to pay off debt

At present, SAM has a total of 20,727 debtors under management, with a book value of 354,320 million baht.

As for the disposal of foreclosed assets or NPA, we have a policy to encourage the use of abandoned assets to create added value. to return these assets back to the system and bring about the overall economic growth of the country through various marketing activities Both auctions and direct bids

as well as many interesting promotional promotions. Currently, SAM has a wide variety of properties for sale in prime locations throughout Thailand. detached houses, townhouses, commercial buildings, vacant land and investment properties, etc., which are under management, totaling approximately 4,000 items, totaling 20,000 million baht.

In addition to the aforementioned mission, in 2017, SAM was also assigned additional missions to help small individuals in the category of credit card debtors. Cash cards and unsecured personal loans of commercial banks and financial business operators or Non-Banks, a total of 35 companies that are overdue or have not paid their card debt for more than 90 days under the scheme Debt Clinic by SAM

Recently, the Debt Clinic by SAM has extended the eligibility criteria for bad debtors who are interested in applying to join the project from the former who had to have bad debt status (NPL) before Feb 1, 19 to before Oct. 1 64, including other measures To alleviate the suffering of customers who have been in bad card debt continuously since July 64, including:

1. Renewal of the drug measure, Phase 3, pay as much as you can, until Dec. 64, where existing and new customers will receive a discount of 1-2% interest (conditions are according to the project)

2. Adjustment of age criteria from not more than 65 years to 70 years, including the debt restructuring period. and measures that

3. The interest rate adjustment from 4-7% to a single rate (Single Rate) at 5%


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