“Sam Yuranan”, the executive officer of Panacee Clear, insists that there is no “Jackson Wang” concert ticket, at the price of 5 hundred thousand baht!

It is another subject that has been criticized for the concert. Jackson Wang Magic Man World Tour 2022 Bangkok oh “Jackson Hope” Which is going to happen on November 26. Before this, there was heavy debate about the privilege to take pictures with artists. You have to buy a vip ticket for 18,000 baht until you finally get a new change. From taking a group photo to taking a couple’s photo, the fans demanded a lot. So far, the ticket price has been churned up to 500,000 baht.

latest “Sam Yuranan Pamonmontri” Chairman of the Executive Committee, Panacee Medical Center (Thailand) Co, Ltd and “Muay Siriya Thepcharoen” The Vice President and Executive Officer of Nusasiri Public Company Limited, one of the companies supporting the Jackson Wang Magic Man World Tour 2022 Bangkok concert, also cleared the issue of concert tickets. and a private party after the concert Let the Ahgase get lost After a question in the Agase group, who is Panacee and why is he entitled to a private party?

Sam: “He only came to the concert. people are already excited I am also excited as one of Ahgase. When he knew he was coming to a world tour in Thailand we could support because we like him So he was one of the sponsors of the concert. not the organizer Thanks to his team for allowing us to be a small part of the concert, allowing Thai people to see Jackson’s concert. hopefully as we wish to see

Panacee is just one of the sponsors. We are a health clinic We like Jack First of all, we like his attitude. He is a man of wills. What have you really done since childhood? want to learn fencing Until you become a champion like you want to be and your parents want you to be. Do it for the nation until you get a gold medal. One day he asked to follow his own dreams. Becoming a successful artist During his time as a famous singer pleasing the fans Caring for people around me. I like a lot and what I like the most is that he is a health lover. On occasion Panacee’s 15th birthday, we want a new generation that is interested in health. So we want to support here.”

Muay: “We are part of supporting this concert. And we will have a thank you party for Panacee customers on the occasion when the clinic starts its 15th year. as a surprise gift for customers Only the person with the invitation card must be able to attend this event.”

Clearing the private party is something Jackson Wang’s team has allocated for the benefit of concert patrons. Panacee does not sell tickets for the private party but will prepare the party for its clinic customers.
Sam: “On Jackson, it’s really cute, after the concert. There will be a party on the day he comes to a private party with us. So we take the opportunity that we are already the Ahgase. it will be at a private party So I’m confused that I agreed to sell tickets for 300,000-500,000 baht? No, who is going to buy tickets at that price? It’s not related to Panacee, but someone might say about Panacee, “Oh, who’s going to be eligible to join this private party?” is to be a private customer of Panacee.”

Muay : “It is private to the Panacee customer who holds a money card. a gold card is ready Which has tens of thousands of people, they have to see who will be eligible Because there are only 200 places in the private party.”

Sam: “It’s just us, our relatives, and business partners that are full. We do not sell tickets This party is for customers only. So we set a rule about who gets the chance to get it. Anyone holding a silver card and a gold card will get the right first. For those looking at the reveal today, we have 5 concert tickets that you can take pictures with. Add Line Panaceemed and send them together on October 31, we will draw a lottery in the afternoon. Choose who these 5 people will get the card We get the card I don’t want to hold it for Panacee customers only. When I have it, I share it.

Muay : “There are no rules, just add Line, we will take the name to draw a lot. Notify the list of lucky winners by adding Line.

Sam: “We confirm that we do not have 500,000 tickets for sale. No, only our customers. We don’t know how to take care of him. We do health We do not hold concerts. We come in because we like it. So I want to be a part of supporting it as a health lover. People with positive attitudes when we support him His way is cute Make a private arrangement for us Someone may ask what is a money card, a gold card, a matter within the company. It was his mistake. It is an internal matter that we can recruit anyone to the event. because we have a quota of 200 places.”

“Sam Yuranan” remains the founder of the Panacee beauty business for 15 years, but not many people know.
Sam : “We started attacking a business in Germany 15 years ago to do therapy. Now people ask why go to Germany and close. Still closed Since the covid so far, it hasn’t opened yet. Don’t panic. It’s almost open soon.

Muay: “We have one in Germany. which uses anti-aging science We are the first stem cell hospital in China.”

Sam: “Our China is huge. Because he came to Germany for treatment and he wants us to open in China too.”

get this big business But come back to play because it’s a dear job.
Sam: “I want to play. Let’s leave the business to the children to watch together I want to go back to play dramas for 2-3 years We love, we like dramas. We have been in the business for more than 10 years, so I told my partner that I would like to do something else. Because I have been in health for more than 10 years. In the past, I have devoted a lot to it. We have to go to graduate school until we finish aging. to open a hospital I have been with doctors and nurses for over 10 years, today I want to go play. At first I thought it was going to be a single story. Been playing and playing for a long time since covids came. Now I decided not to accept any salary in the administration. Let’s go play in a more comfortable way.

I’ve been away from dramas for 17 years and I’m going to do this business. but little is known We travel to Germany, do it in China, and the German rule is very difficult. Governs a gold-headed foreigner to make him believe in what we can do. that it was anti-asia Until one day we took a Thai flag to be embroidered in the middle of Germany. I feel proud.”

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