Samantha is back in the hospital! The spokesperson revealed the truth Samantha in the hospital in Hyderabad after the diagnosis of myositis?

Samantha talked about her rare disease, myositis. He told about the disease by sharing a note on social media. The actress had said that she will take some time to recover from the disease and she is currently undergoing treatment. The information of the disease was revealed by sharing a picture from the hospital. On that day, fans, friends and colleagues came to wish Samantha a recovery.

Last day, news spread that Samantha had been admitted to hospital after her illness worsened. There are reports that the actress is in critical condition. Now the actress’ spokesperson reveals the truth of the news that has come out. This was told to Hindustan Times.

Samantha was not admitted to hospital. But he is resting at home. They said that the reports that are circulating outside are baseless.


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