‘Samantha was to be Dileep’s heroine in Crazy Gopalan’; The actress responded to the question of whether she was banned – CINEMA – NEWS

There have been discussions on social media recently that the south Indian star Samantha was supposed to be the heroine in Dileep’s 2008 film Crazy Gopalan. There were reports that Samantha participated in the screen test, but later opted out. After a video of what Dileep and Crazy Gopalan director Deepu Karunakaran said in interviews went viral, the news about Samantha went viral. Now Samantha herself has responded to the issue.

Samantha had reached Kochi as part of the promotion of the film Shakunthalam, which will hit the theaters on April 14. Then Dileep was dropped from the film. Today I have reached Kerala for the promotion of Shakunthalam. The actor was answering the question about what he feels looking back.

‘I have been rejected from many auditions. But all was forgotten. Samantha’s response was that she remembers being rejected at the start of her career. Samantha said that acting with Malayalam stars is like going to acting school. Actors usually have a rhythm. It can be said that this is what Samantha is doing in this scene. But Malayali actors will give a surprise. We would think that Fahadh Fazil will do this. But he won’t do that. Most Malayalam actors have that advantage in acting. Samantha also said it was very inspiring.

‘One girl cried a lot when they were let out of that film. I said don’t worry. Maybe because it doesn’t fit that character. Do one more job. It is cinema, tomorrow there will be a time when Indian cinema itself will be left behind. It happened. Dileep once said in an interview that the two heroines I have mentioned are the best people in South Indian cinema today.

Later, the film’s director Deepu Karunakaran said in an interview that Samantha was one of them. “When Dileep asked me how he was doing, I told him it was a good performance. But we wanted someone a little taller. So the boy was going back. It was Samantha’, he said in the interview.


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