Same as before!!! BTC returns to 18k ATOM falls 10%

The market overview this morning was mostly red but still somewhat green.BTC returned to $18k ETH followed closely, falling about 2% in 24 hours. ATOM slipped past 10% Two pairs of XRP, XLM join slightly bounced hands. Most investors are still eagerly awaiting the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) monetary policy meeting.

The Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy meeting takes place today. And he will know the results of the meeting early Thursday morning. according to Thailand time or around 1 am

Regarding Bitcoin (BTC) price movement, the mother Michael Saylor reported on his Twitter yesterday that Microstrategy acquired 301 BTC for $6 million. A microstrategy holding 130,000 BTC seems to be good news for Bitcoin, however, as Micheal Saylor reports, BTC has dropped to around $18,000.

On the other hand, ATOM jumped about 10% previously, but today it also fell 10%, after previously climbing to about $16, back to $13.

XRP and XLM rebounded slightly after full expectations that Ripple (XRP) could win a lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that has been fighting for over two years.

Ripple (XRP) was sued by the SEC, claiming that XRP is an unregistered SEC security. Attorneys at Ripple have said the lawsuit could last until 2023, and both sides recently filed a motion for a final judgment in the case.

The total cryptocurrency market cap fell by about 2% to $923 billion. Volume dropped sharply by 13% to $68 billion in the last 24 hours.

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  *Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are very dangerous. You may lose your entire investment. Study and invest appropriately with an acceptable level of risk.

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