‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2’ Yang Eun-ji “♥ Lee Ho, interferes with household chores after retirement… Stay still”

Singer Yang Eun-ji told an anecdote about a housework ban on former soccer player husband Lee Ho. Photo iMBC Entertainment NewsPhoto iMBC Entertainment NewsPhoto iMBC Entertainment News
In the broadcast of SBS ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2-You Are My Destiny’ on the 23rd, singer Yang Eun-ji appeared as a special MC.

Yang Eun-ji, who has been married to former soccer player Lee Ho for 15 years, opened her eyes to soccer through SBS’s ‘Goal Hitters’, and her husband retired from active duty. Yang Eun-ji said, “This year (my husband) has been working as a head coach after retiring as a player,” adding, “It’s too difficult,” making everyone curious.

Yang Eun-ji said honestly, “In the past, when I was in Seoul, my husband was in Ulsan or abroad. Now I commute. I have to do something, but I have three children.. It was too hard to take care of my husband.” When Lee Ji-hye suggested, “Why not live in Jeju?” Yang Eun-ji said, “I wish I could become a foreign coach,” causing laughter.

“I wish I didn’t have to do housework. When I was a player, I sat down until the sofa was turned off. Now I want to help with housework, but I want to stay still . When my husband does the dishes , I do it again. I turn the laundry and the knitting. Don’t do anything. That’s why they were very disappointed.”

iMBC Cha Hye-rin | photo courtesy of SBS

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