“Same day entry, couple bracelet”…Son Heung-min and Jisoo dating rumors surfaced again in foreign media

Son Heung-min leaving for Iran today (9th) / News 1

[인사이트] Reporter Dasom Kim = Soccer player Son Heung-min and Black Pink member Jisoo were caught up in dating rumors again.

On the 9th (local time), online media ‘catdumb’ and other communities have posted articles saying that Son Heung-min and Jisoo seem to be dating.

There are three pieces of evidence that they suspect that the two are dating.

The fact that the two arrived from France on the same day, that Jisoo had an intuition at Son Heung-min’s game, and that the two were wearing similar bracelets.

InsightBLACKPINK Jisoo / Photo = Insight

Earlier, on the 5th, Son Heung-min returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport ahead of the third match of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian final qualifier.

The origin is said to be France, not England.

In addition, Jisoo attended the Fashion Week Dior Show in Paris, France, and returned to Korea on the same day.

Jisoo intuited the Tottenham Hotspur game played by Son Heung-min in England before the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic and posted a certified shot on SNS.

InsightPhoto of the bracelets Jisoo and Son Heung-min are wearing / SNS capture

The fact that they are wearing a ‘couple bracelet’ also sparked a fire in the dating rumors.

One of Son Heung-min’s goal celebrations was to kiss a bracelet on his wrist, and it was speculated that Jisoo was wearing a similar bracelet, so he was expressing affection to his lover.

However, rumors of a dating relationship between the two are rumors that have been coming out occasionally since 2019.

In the case of ‘Couple Bracelet’, it is known that Son Heung-min is a friendship bracelet between players, and Jisoo’s bracelet was a gift from a famous designer.

In an interview in the past, Jisoo drew a line when asked about the rumors with Son Heung-min, saying, “We are not even close.”



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