According to the range of rumors, new iPhone That is, it is in the “S” range of the current device, the iPhone 13. Damn numbers Will they be superstitious at Apple when it comes to naming a new range of devices?

However, there is news under the shell. Samsung seems to have started manufacturing the iPhone 120 OLED panel with a refresh rate of 13Hz. The features that many users have long sought are sure to come to the iPhone.

technology promotion As Apple calls it, the leap from the iPad Pro to the iPhone seems certain. Recall that, despite all, Apple manufactures no or few of its components. After many ups and downs, Samsung has become a major or nearly exclusive manufacturer of OLED panels with Cupertino devices. I have this technology. Apparently, Apple has also decided to bet on the iPhone panel at a refresh rate of 120 Hz. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a decision has been made and the Korean company is already in production to meet future demand for the iPhone 13.

This can be accompanied by minor changes to the camera module and other novelties, such as a “macro” sensor that may already be built into the iPad Pro after 2021. We mount the screen at 120 Hz, but most of the time we tend to bet on LCD panels to reduce costs. Yes, sure Keep in mind that 120 Hz panels have fairly high battery consumption, are you willing to pay that price?