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In the summer of 2021, Samsung announced that it will not release the new Note device for the first time in 10 years. The future of this beloved phablet was a big and unresolved issue, as the hardware giant admitted to shifting its focus to foldables.

In addition, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S-series is steadily blurring the line with Note. “Instead of announcing the new Galaxy Note, we’re extending the beloved features of Note devices to more Samsung Galaxy devices,” the company’s president wrote at the time.

Therefore, the screen size of the S series has been steadily increasing year by year, and in January 2021, the S-Pen function was added to the S21 Ultra. In August, some wondered if the Note would be quietly abolished, adding its own stylus to the Galaxy Fold series.

Now that we’ve finished CES and are on the verge of MWC, we’ve noticed that we’re in the range of Unpacked. It is time to announce the latest model of the S series every year. Roh recalls how the 5.3-inch display caused a bit of turmoil in 2011, and once again posted a somewhat vague statement celebrating Note’s life. For those who weren’t at the IFA presentation, big-screen smartphones at the time meant a much larger and thicker device.

This post strongly suggests that the two flagships have achieved the proper integration to create more space for the company’s foldables.

“Every time Samsung’s Galaxy devices evolve, we’ve introduced features that redefine the entire mobile category, and we’re trying to redefine the rules of the industry again. 2022 2 Unpacked of the Moon, the most we’ve ever madenoteworthy(Notable[emphasized by the editorial department]) Introducing the S series devices. Here’s the next-generation Galaxy S, which brings together the best of our Samsung Galaxy experiences into one ultimate device. ” The executive wrote.

“” In thisNoteworthyThe word “(notable)” can mean a lot in this context. The easiest thing to understand is that the S22 Ultra will become the S22 Note. Does that mean a proper stylus slot? Is it safe to assume that the S Pen will be integrated into the entire line? I think it’s unlikely because this post uses the singular form “notable device”. Given the frequency of leaks surrounding these devices, they may or may not be answered early, but there are still some big questions left in the lead to the event. It also plans to improve shooting at night and in low light, and to adopt a sustainable design that the company has been focusing on in recent years.

Samsung is re-betting that consumer excitement and brand loyalty are enough to carry users ahead of pre-orders for new smartphones and unnamed Galaxy tablets.

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