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Samsung Bio Pfizer immediately announces his wife, Moderna… Production power

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Increasing the possibility of consignment production of Samsung Bio with the promotion of the establishment of a Korean subsidiary
Modena vaccine, expected to be approved by the final inspection committee in Korea

Industry observation that Samsung Biologics is in fact negotiating without positive or negative about the domestic consignment production (CMO) of a new coronavirus infectious disease (Corona 19) vaccine by the US pharmaceutical company Modena.

Samsung Biologics announced on the 14th that it was consigned to produce modders or vaccines in Korea in a rumor or report on the 14th. “It has not been confirmed at present, so it is impossible to confirm.” “He said.

Regarding the rumor that Pfizer’s Corona 19 vaccine is commissioned, Samsung Biologics, who drew a firm line saying “It’s not true,” took a step back on the day and asked whether it was actually admitted.

Until now, the industry has speculated that Modena could entrust the consignment production of vaccines to domestic pharmaceutical and bio companies while promoting the establishment of a Korean subsidiary.

Currently, Moderna is hiring executive-level personnel to work for the Korean subsidiary.

In this situation, the fact that Samsung Biologics has facilities that can produce biopharmaceuticals such as antibody drugs on a large scale adds strength to Samsung Bio’s prominence.

Samsung Biologics is the world’s No. 1 CMO company with an annual biopharmaceutical production capacity of 364,000 liters (ℓ).

However, Samsung Biologics’ lack of experience in producing vaccines was cited as a limitation, but the industry expects that it will be possible if it proceeds from the stage of making the finished drug by receiving the original vaccine solution.

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An official from the pharmaceutical industry said, “Because of the provisions that must be kept confidential in the process of negotiations between companies, there seems to be no part that the company can confirm.”

In fact, Samsung Biologics is holding on to the position that it cannot confirm whether President John Lim is accompanied by the US-Korea summit on the 21st as well as the consignment production of modders and vaccines.

Inside and outside the industry, it is expected that specific announcements will be made here, as it is publicly known that they will discuss the vaccine partnership between Korea and the United States at the ROK-US summit.

On the other hand, Modena’s Corona 19 vaccine received an opinion that “it is possible to approve the item” from the Central Pharmacy Review Committee, the legal advisory body of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety the day before.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is planning to hold a final inspection committee on the 21st to decide whether to approve the product.

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