Samsung Biologics-Pfizer, long-term batch production contract for “biggest ever” multi-product drugs |

[바이오타임즈] Samsung Biologics announced on the 8th that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Pfizer for the production of long-term shipments of multi-species medicines.

The amount of the partnership between Samsung Biologics and Pfizer is about $ 411.3 million (about 535 billion won), the largest ever based on a single contract by the company. Previously, AstraZeneca was the highest at about $350.97 million (about 457.1 billion won). The size of this contract is equivalent to 17.83% of Samsung Biologics’ sales last year.

Samsung Biologics and Pfizer signed a batch production contract for one product for the first time in March, and under this additional contract, Samsung Biologics will produce products for tumor, inflammation, and immune therapies at the fourth plant completed in recently, and plans to deliver production from Pfizer’s multi-species biosimilar portfolio.

“We are very pleased to be able to expand our collaboration with Pfizer, who has a vision to provide innovative solutions to patients around the world,” said Jon Lim, President of Samsung Biologics Samsung Biologics also accelerates the expansion of the 2nd Bio Campus providing more flexible batch manufacturing services and higher for its customers.”

“This partnership is a good example of Pfizer’s trust in the Korean pharmaceutical industry,” said Mike McDermott, Pfizer’s Chief Global Supply Officer. We are very pleased to be able to continue to expand.”

“Collaboration with Samsung Biologics will contribute to responding to a potential growing health crisis and significantly improve patients’ lives,” said Oh Dong-wook, president of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Korea.

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